Anything But Basic Women’s Tee

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The ABB Tee (Anything But Basic Tee) is the perfect free shirt pattern for the beginner sewist! The relaxed fit will make it the most comfortable t-shirt in your closet. The ABB Women’s shirt pattern is part of our collection of easy sewing patterns. Now everyone can enjoy learning the basics of garment sewing with this free, easy-to-sew pattern.

Difficulty Rating: 0.5/5

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Pattern #WK-75276

Please see the size chart and fabric requirements in the gallery photos.

Your PDF pattern purchase includes the following:

  • Print-at-home PDF pattern files in both women’s misses and plus sizes (sizes 00-36)
  • US Letter, A4 and A0 Copy Shop formats
  • No trim pages
  • Size layers so you can print only the sizes you need
  • Complete sewing instruction ebook with our Perfect Fit custom fit adjustment tutorials

After purchase, your PDF pattern and instructions will be available immediately in your DIBY Club account.


  • Neckline: High Crew // Low Crew // Scoop Neck
  • Sleeves: Short // Elbow // 3/4 Sleeve // Long Sleeve


  • Beginner sewists and beyond
  • Knits with 2-way stretch

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90 reviews for Anything But Basic Women’s Tee

  1. An Staute (verified owner)

    Very lovely pattern, great fit and easy to make!

  2. laurenebeckwith (verified owner)

    Ladies! Get this pattern for all the women in your life… its an easy sew and a perfect fit! As always DIBY gives you all the information you need to get the perfect fit for YOUR body!

  3. susischu (verified owner)

    This is a wonderful
    Pattern for that tee shirt one wears over and over with a great fit and a quick sew

  4. littlegizmo1997 (verified owner)

    Great pattern. Fun to make. Made two tee of the same fabric using this pattern and the anything but vasic men’s tee.

  5. ecumft09 (verified owner)

    Disclaimer: I have not yet sewn up the pattern so my review is based solely on the instructions.

    The instructions that Jessica and crew have created with this are phenomenal. Very thorough and provides a TON of tutorials, links to other freebies to help with the construction and altering of a pattern. Most patterns are drafted for a 5’5″ female and being 5’2″ I always have to shorten my patterns. These instructions tell you PRECISELY where to split the pattern so that you get the best fit possible. Same thing with Full Bust Adjustments and many other tutorials… I haven’t quite finished exploring all of the different things in the instruction booklet. Between thorough instructions and having 2 separate patterns drafted up for Misses and Plus Sizes, I have never been more excited to sew up a pattern… I see a TON of these in my future!

  6. tabathasumner (verified owner)

    Instructions were easy to understand so this is a very easy pattern to make. Highly reccommend for beginners. Love the shirt

  7. katkelley0918 (verified owner)

    As always, great pattern! We all need a basic tee in our wardrobe and FREE makes it even better!

  8. nicole_marie30 (verified owner)

    DIBY patterns are amazing and the t-shirt i made from this FREE pattern is one of my favourite pieces of clothing!

  9. brettsandra (verified owner)

    This is so helpful. It is crammed packed with useful information to help you succeed making a tee that fits and looks well made. Great presentation, clear instructions all makes for a winner.

  10. stromaridout (verified owner)

    I am now on my third ABBT – which shows I like it! I did my usual shortening and sloping of the shoulder and widening of the bicep. I have been making them to wear under winter clobber so high crew neck for warmth’s sake. Will be making more – probably with different necklines for better weather. My go-to top for 2019. Easy to make, comfy to wear. Love it.

  11. helenjeanwalton (verified owner)

    I love this pattern! I’ve made 2 so far, with another one under the needle now! Thanks Jessica

  12. Karrie1 (verified owner)

    Awesome pattern!! So easy and comfortable. 😍🤩

  13. Heather Claver (verified owner)

    This is a great pattern with great instructions. It’s easy to mix it up and make it with different fabrics so you can make 10 of them and have them all be unique. Great pattern.

  14. sewwithangie (verified owner)

    Lovely pattern, easy to construct and well fitting

  15. laynah.4520 (verified owner)

    This is a great pattern. It is very beginner friendly and easy to work with. It fits amazingly too. I also found the directions very easy to follow.

  16. lel.wakefield (verified owner)

    easy to follow and sew pattern

  17. sandyloubear59 (verified owner)

    Love this pattern,great sizing and instructions.Sews up really quick.This pattern gave me my sew jo back .Big thanks to Jessica and team for all your effort.

  18. pammylbear (verified owner)

    Can you believe this pattern is free?! And that the instructions are so great?! This may be a simple sew but it yields fantastic results! I have made three shirts from this pattern so far and have been pleased with all of them. The instructions for making this a custom fit are clear and to the point. Add in the video tutorials, and you have sewist heaven! I had to do a FBA (full bust adjustment) as well as grading between sizes and shortening for my small stature. But with all the hand holding this pattern gives you, it was a breeze. And the results are wonderful. I have about a dozen other DIBY patterns I need to get working on, including a woven top and a pair of jeans. I am looking forward to sewing them, as this experience has been sew, so great!

  19. menerlabellevie.mqg (verified owner)

    Easy to follow for a beginner like me. Thank you so much for this well thought out pattern!

  20. pottsnicola (verified owner)

    So impressed with this pattern! Doubly so because it is free. The first version I made fit me perfectly out of the packet, so I quickly cut and made 3 more with a variety of sleeve lengths and necklines, really appreciated that there are so many options built in, it makes it nice and easy to make different versions.

  21. karen.derby (verified owner)

    Unbelievably this is a free pattern! Easy to follow, would be great for a beginner, the fit is amazing and such a quick sew, this will be a multiple sew for our Aussie Summer

  22. Teckla Buller (verified owner)

    I recently got this pattern, but summer is going full blast and I haven’t had time to sew yet. I’m really looking forward to making it, and I’ve been following on FB to see what everyone else has done. It looks really fast and easy.

  23. Debbie Rasmussen (verified owner)

    Great t shirt pattern, easy to make and super cute.

  24. S (verified owner)

    I’ve made quite a few tshirts now with this pattern, both long sleeve and short sleeve with low crew neck.

    The pattern prints out well and came together quickly. The instructions are really clear and easy to follow. I’m really happy with the garments I have made using this pattern.

  25. tigger1948 (verified owner)

    Great pattern. Sews up quickly with a nice comfortable fit.

  26. Abigail Messmer (verified owner)

    Easily one of the best fitting and most thorough patterns I have ever used. If you’re looking to make custom fit clothing, you need this pattern!

  27. C D (verified owner)

    Thank you. Clear step by step instructions. I have made 3 so far and they fit perfectly.

  28. Sharon Brown (verified owner)

    Good fit, lots of options, comprehensive instructions

  29. Lori Iwasaki (verified owner)

    Simple, clear and clean … Love it!

  30. Medina Maddox (verified owner)

    Love the different necks and the longer sleeves. Easy to sew and fits great!

  31. Cynthia Sloan (verified owner)

    I made it in a cotton knit and I love it! Excellent instructions and an easy sew. Been sewing for over 50 years and this is the best basic T-shirt pattern I have found and I plan to make many more since I will be wearing this one out soon 😀

  32. Sheila Thompson (verified owner)

    This is a great pattern! It was a little roomier than I had expected and that works great for some of my projects. Thank you!

  33. cher.pengilly (verified owner)

    This pattern is great, Very easy to follow instructions, comfortable to wear. The length is ok but I will make a little longer next time for me. (just my preference) as I like longer length to cover a few bumps. Thank you for the free pattern it is awesome.

  34. Nancy Libbey (verified owner)

    I’m late to the game! I picked up this pattern when it first came out but hadn’t needed a basic Tee – until now. AS always, this DIBY pattern was well drafted with instructions to make it fit perfectly. I have several Tee shirt patterns that I have used and this is by far the best. Thank you, Jessica!

  35. Rowan Gargiullo (verified owner)

    Still working through it and I love this pattern and how it walks you through most of it, but the ‘full bust adjustment’ section because it was very unclear which numbers you plug in for the adjustment equation. For other busty confused beginners, I found this excellent write-up to help us understand:

    And now for the pattern writer, in case you want to address it in a future version or bog post or something, here’s where I got hung up and how I’d suggest improving the instructions:

    First, it wasn’t clear that you need to look at the sizing chart to get the first measurement and then the separate “finished garment” sizing chart to get the second one you’re subtracting. To someone who isn’t reading the whole PDF at one time, it’s easy to forget that there were two sizing charts back at the beginning. I spent a minute thinking ‘finished garment’ meant you need to go find a shirt you own that fits well and measure that!

    Second, I didn’t quite understand what size you’re supposed to be looking at on the ‘finished garment’ chart. You’re supposed to be grading your pattern based on your actual measurements, so for instance, Based on the sizing chart I’m a size 6 for my upper bust and a size 12 for my full bust. Am I using size 12 on both the sizing chart and the finished garment chart to do the calculation? The finished garment chart is based on the sizing chart, so even with my stupid upper bust to full bust disparity, I still hardly end up with any adjustment at all if that’s the case, and that seems odd.

    Basically, if you just included one sample calculation it would make everything completely clear! Just a simple “if your measurements were x, you’d plug in y size and z ‘finished garment’ size and get n total adjustment amount.”

    Thanks, and sorry if it turns out I’m just being an idiot and everyone else understands perfectly.

  36. Bev Scott (verified owner)

    Great pattern and so excited to have a t-shirt that actually fits. My size ranges from 22 at the shoulders to 34 around the wide hip. No commercial organisation makes t-shirts like that! Patterns easy to follow. Will be making lots more. Thank you.

  37. Alessandra Ryde (verified owner)

    A great pattern for any beginner. Very thorough instructions that walk you through sewing a garment for your own sizing.

  38. arlene.campbell82 (verified owner)

    Just made my first. Very easy to cut out and sew Hacked a hood to the neckline. Loved the loose fit. Made a straight 5xl. Next time I will grade between sizes for a closer fit. I can see this as my go to pattern for T-shirts

  39. Beverly Wood (verified owner)

    Great pattern and fits great with little adjustment.

  40. Lavada Jenkins (verified owner)

    I love this pattern! it is a quick make and very versatile. I have made several tees but I also made it into a maxi dress and hacked the sleeve into a bishop sleeve and added a cowl to the neckline.

  41. Adele Bielecki (verified owner)

    excellent pattern with wonderful instructions. i’m a new sewer and it was easy for me to sew this pattern and it turned out so well that I’ve already made two!

  42. tinker l (verified owner)

    although i haven’t sewed the abb tee yet (i’ve printed the pattern & got my fabric), jess responded to my email requesting more guidance than the pattern gave & was so sweet in helping me. her quick & caring customer service is something i value highly. joy bernhardt on youtube recommended diby, & i now know a few reasons why.

  43. Jean Korte (verified owner)

    Finally a tee shirt with a well drafted sleeve that hangs straight. I have tried tee shirts from many sources and this is the best fitting I have found! I made my usual alterations – FBA, high round back – and that was it. It’s my TNT tee pattern now.

  44. June O’Byrne (verified owner)

    Only the 2nd knit garment I have ever sewn. Lovely pattern with clear instructions. Made it for my daughter and will definitely be making one for myself too!

  45. Janet Hrydziuszko (verified owner)

    Loved the pattern and the directions for doing a FBA – best fitting shirt I’ve made.

  46. Mary Smith (verified owner)

    So nice of DIBY to offer this pattern for Nice of DIBY for free. Great pattern for beginners. My first one has some issues so I will be trying again. Band around neck does not lay down good and arm is too small.

  47. Jill Grzonka (verified owner)

    A lot of time was taken to put this pattern together. I especially appreciated the information on grading since my measurements are in multiple sizes.

  48. Sarah Barton (verified owner)

    This was a great pattern! The directions were very thorough. My tee looks very professional and fits well. I need to make the legging, but need to find the right knit material. Thank you for a great pattern.

  49. Kate Morgan (verified owner)

    Love this pattern. I’ve made it twice with nursing access. So comfy and simple to make. This was my first foray into knits and with all the info Jess gives it is so simple. Beautifully designed and so incredibly well explained. Thanks Jess!

  50. Elaine Snyder (verified owner)

    I really enjoy making this t-shirt it was easy to make and fit well. I have some very pretty fabric and it is fun to make this t shirt with my pretty knit fabrics.

  51. Kris Loewe (verified owner)

    Love this pattern. I made my first actual FBA adjustment, and I couldn’t be happier with the fit! I added a cowl to the scooped neckline and am really pleased with how it went together. Thanks for all the tips and special instructions !

  52. Lavada Jenkins (verified owner)

    I LOVE this pattern! It is so versatile and easy to make. Great instructions, too. I even made a maxi dress out of it. I lengthened it, hacked the sleeve into a long puffed sleeve and added a cowl to the neck.

  53. Sheena Schultz (verified owner)

    This is a great tee – once I did my usual alterations: sway back, rounded back, LBA, I will be using this pattern as my go to! A really great free pattern…thank you. Sheena

  54. Claudine Propes (verified owner)

    Love this t-shirt pattern! It fits perfectly, with the options of different sleeve length, neckline shape, plus hem length. I’ve made several already, and plan many more.

  55. LOUISE STEVENS (verified owner)

    Best pattern every, love being able to have at perfect fit. Easy to follow with great results.

  56. Dorothy Ware (verified owner)

    I absolutely love this tee. I use it for my slopper for other patterns. The fit is amazing. I have never had a tee fit so well! I am multi sizes 10 through the shoulders , bust adjustment and narrow hips. What a mess. I hope I never change sizes because I don’t think I could ever get this fit again.

  57. Kathy Camblin (verified owner)

    I was able to modify this pattern to fit my pear shaped, plus size body and it turned out wonderful. The instructions were wonderfully written, especially for a beginner like me. I never made a tshirt before, so I am very pleased. I do not have a serger and was still able to make this shirt. It is my favorite one to wear!!

  58. Barbara Wood (verified owner)

    This top was very easy to make. Loved the different sleeve lengths. Instructions were easy to follow and very detailed. Will be making more of these tees.

  59. Julee James (verified owner)

    Excellent pattern! Great fitting instructions – I’ve made 5 so far – – –

  60. Lorae Mendoza (verified owner)

    I used this pattern to repurpose some of my husband’s TShirts for myself. It was PERFECT! Will be using this again, so quick and easy to put together

  61. Chris Popay (verified owner)

    Thank you for this lovely pattern. Great instructions too!

  62. dhenjackson50 (verified owner)

    Thank you DIBY for this free pattern. It allowed for me to sample your patterns and I’ve been stitching tee’s for my teenage daughter. The pattern stitched up great. The only alteration was to add 1/2 inch to the neck band as I noticed a little pulling with my fabric choice. I will definitely recommend this pattern to friends.

  63. Lise Houle (verified owner)

    This is the FIRST T-shirt pattern I’ve ever tried that FIT right out of the box, so to speak! I just love love love it and this is the pattern I will transfer to cardboard to keep forever. I’ve tried other patterns, cut out according to my measurements and they were all too big or something didn’t ‘feel right’….so this one I just said ‘what the heck’…I had material I wasn’t too fond of the colour so just cut out a size 16 (my RTW size) and the darn thing just fits like a glove. The only difference I did was follow a youtube video suggestion and cut the neck band on the bias or a better, rounding fit and that worked well… sticking up anywhere. I also cut the bodice part straight down to the hem instead of cutting that little ‘flip’ all patterns seem to have. On me, these little ‘flips’ just make it look stretched out at the bottom. Other than that, and that’s such a tiny thing, this is THE pattern of my dreams. Thank you! Leggings next!

  64. Nancy Libbey (verified owner)

    I have now.made 2 of these! Jessica’s patterns are some of my favorites as she always provides information for making adjustments to get the perfect fit. This will be my.go to T shirt pattern.
    Any chance for a v neck?

  65. margaret.hunter867 (verified owner)

    Excellent basic tee shirt pattern. Easy to make. Was able to adjust for extra length, and minor tweeking of pattern in sleeves. Thank you, will be using again, definitely.

  66. melissa dilorenzo (verified owner)

    This shirt comes out EXACTLY as it appears in the pictures! was not disappointed at all. I’m not the best seamstress but the directions were clear and helpful and got me through!

  67. Sarah Nicholls (verified owner)

    A quick and easy pattern. Beautiful fit and easy to hack.

  68. dgmccl (verified owner)

    The ABB top is a great fitting top. It was easy to put together and to sew. I will use it over and over. Thank you, a very generous gift.

  69. trisachat (verified owner)

    Great pattern for beginners. The directions were very clear and detailed.

  70. Leslie Shortlidge (verified owner)

    You should for sure try this pattern! And it’s not just a pattern: it’s a mini-class in fit and comfort! And don’t worry if you don’t own a serger machine: you can still do this with your basic machine. The DIBY pattern teaches you how to choose the best stitches. The best investment I’ve made so far is a simple double needle. It gives your garment a neat and finished look. And I learned that technique from Jess!

  71. eva.perez.cabeza (verified owner)

    I loved the pattern and the instructions to fit it to your body measurements. It turned into a nice T shirt, and it won’t be the last I make with this pattern.
    Lots of possibilities. You should surely try it.

  72. Valerie Shore (verified owner)

    If you are a new to sewing like me , this is a great project,. With great detailed instructions, I recommend it 5 stars

  73. Kimberle Hennessey (verified owner)

    This is a great pattern ! Easy to construct. I have already made a few. This will definitely be my “go to” pattern for future makes. Well Done!

  74. Liezl Kruger (verified owner)

    Thank you Jess, for this wonderful pattern! As a beginner sewist, I really enjoyed making this t-shirt. The instructions are VERY clear and easy to follow. I made two t-shirts in one day, that’s how much I enjoyed it 🙂

  75. Christine Parry (verified owner)

    I love this pattern. I altered the arms on mine for my fat arms and now I’ve made four. I lengthened the sleeve as well. Love them.

  76. Rebecca Clements (verified owner)

    Great fit and really useful tutorials to go with it. Made 2 versions for dd so far and she’s very happy.

  77. Petra Zwaan (verified owner)

    Great t-shirt, great pattern. Definitely will get patterns here again; the way those patterns are set up is perfect!

  78. Judy Chastain (verified owner)

    I just finished my first ABB Tee. It’s a perfect fit with no adjustments. I’ll definitely be making more!

  79. Ellie Piper (verified owner)

    My first attempt at sewing jersey fabric and this was a nice easy pattern to practice with. It was also my first pdf pattern so was also a good test. I am now a pdf pattern convert! I’m going to make a few of these since they are so quick.

  80. Petra Zwaan (verified owner)

    Grat pattern, especially for someone like me who has just picked sewing..the detailed discription is great and the shirt fits perfectly!

  81. Lynda Seagrave (verified owner)

    I love this pattern !! I have made 3 versions already and will be making lots more. The instructions on how to size it to fit you give you the perfect fit as you like to wear it. Recommend watching the youtube video before you fit the neckband if you haven’t done one before. Don’t think I will ever buy a T-shirt from a shop again 🙂

  82. Fenna Blue (verified owner)

    Come on, it’s a free t-shirt pattern, so are you really reading these reviews?

    It’s easy to assemble and to sew without reading any of the instructions. I’ve done several tees for adults and children and didn’t need to worry about their information to finish it up. I did check out the instructions and it’s clear the pattern makers are under the same delusions as most of the pdf pattern world with all their unnecessary information about adjustments. It helps to ignore their instructions and construct the basic tee just like you would construct a basic tee.

    The fit is fine, but nothing like the product photos. And thank heavens, because those photos show a tee with a terrible fit! It’s much more snug than the photos and would require a size up to be anywhere near “relaxed”. The pattern suffers from the idea that all women must be dissatisfied with their bodies and therefore want a ridiculously long tee, so it waists fabric on extra and unnecessary length.

    But who even cares, right? It’s free! You’ve already downloaded it.

  83. Lisa Anderson (verified owner)

    My go-to pattern every time I want a new t-shirt, love the 3 different neck finishes

  84. Colleen Hewes (verified owner)

    I’m just a beginner and found this pattern and instructions very easy to follow, will be making more in different fabrics Thank you

  85. Jia Wang (verified owner)

    What an easy and quick pattern. I love that it has all the adjustments and sizing options. I actually learned a lot about resizing patterns from the instructions. I made mine using a lightweight silky knit with a scoop neck. It actually looks really beautiful without the scoop neck band. Because of the stretchiness of my fabric, the neckline band puckered at the top where it was a smaller radius. I think maybe a smaller width for the scoop neck band would be better and reduce how apparent the puckering is. I also recommend adding at least a good 2 inches on top of what the pattern instructions have recommended which is to add the difference between your height and 5’5”. Overall I’m very happy with the results and can’t wait to make another tee with this pattern!

  86. Kristin Mueller-Heaslip (verified owner)

    Really nice simple t-shirt pattern with an impressively inclusive size range. I’ve used it 4 or 5 times now with long sleeves, short sleeves, or no sleeves for a tank top. A great resource for making your own wardrobe basics.

  87. Michele Nesbitt (verified owner)

    Great pattern for a simple basic t-shirt. Not too snug so it’s very flattering to wear. Easy sew.

  88. Lacretia Luzynski (verified owner)

    Great fit, and an easy sew!

  89. L O’Neill (verified owner)

    Love this pattern! I’ve made at least 3 so far and have used it as a base for other hacks too. I see many more of these in my future.

  90. bonvalvi (verified owner)

    Easy basic pattern, the instructions are written clearly with lots of additional tips for alterations. Its a great fit every time.

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