Become a DIBY Club Pattern Tester

Apply Here!

We are looking for pattern testers with different skill sets, from beginners to experienced, who love to sew, learn new techniques, and share their creations! While we are working with designers who are skilled at pattern creation and are learning more each day, we are humans, not robots, and we make mistakes. It is so easy to leave out small details in a pattern - especially after you’ve read it and tested it yourself a few times! That's where you come in! As a pattern tester you get to help us develop patterns with fewer mistakes and better instructions.


Early Access to New Patterns

As a pattern tester you will have first access to new patterns from DIBY Club and be in the loop of what is coming next! You will also receive a copy of the final version of each pattern you test.

Stickers,  Enamel Pins,  and Swag!
To thank you for your time, feedback, energy, and all-around amazing-ness, we will send you rewards! There are new rewards each time you level up as a tester! At all levels pattern testers will receive the final version of the pattern once it is published. Here are just a few of the rewards* we offer! 

Level 1: Official DIBY Club Pattern Tester Sticker (1x reward)
Level 2: One 50% off Coupon for any purchase on the DIBY Club website
Level 3: Monthly Coupon for 20% off any purchase on the DIBY Club website
Level 6: DIBY Club Pattern Tester Expert Sticker (1x rewards)
Level 12: DIBY Club Pattern Tester Extraordinaire Sticker & DIBY Club Enamel Pin (1x rewards)
Level 15 : DIBY Club Tester Tote Bag (1x reward)
Level 18: DIBY Club Testing Genius Sticker (1x reward) & DIBY Club goodness mailed to you each year you are an active tester!
Level 21: DIBY Club Enamel Pin (1x rewards)
Level 24: To Be Announced

Plus more fun swag as it strikes the mood! :D 


How do I become a tester?

Apply here! You can apply anytime but must apply before the deadline to join a particular test.

Next Test: Men’s Chino Pants, Deadline: Wednesday, October 5, 2022, 11:59 pm ET (U.S.)

I don't do social media. Is that okay? 

Yes! That's fine. We just ask that you share the photos with us. 

What do I have to do to complete a test?

You complete the pattern, provide feedback as needed, photograph your creation, share your project online, and send your photos to DIBY Club.

I'm not an experienced sewist. Is that okay?

It's perfect! We also need sewists who maybe haven't made that type of garment before so we know what we didn't explain well!

What if I need to take a break from testing?

You retain your status level until you come back to pattern testing! Please drop us a note of you need to take a break so we don't bug you with too many emails!


There are a few things we require of our pattern testers:

  1. Computer access to the web site, email, and Google Docs.
  2. Ability to print the patterns or to have them printed.
  3. You love to share your creations on social media, such as Instagram and Facebook.
  4. The ability to identify and correct grammatical errors.
  5. The skills to identify and offer suggestions for correction of errors within the sewing pattern, including instructions, patterns pieces, technical details, and clarity.
  6. Be amazing communicators!
  7. Pattern testers must finish testing by the given deadline.
  8. Pattern testers must be able to supply their own materials and supplies needed for completing the project. You may receive discounts or gifts cards with partnered fabric shops. But that is not always possible.
  9. Pattern testers must submit clear photos of the finished item. Don't worry - they don't have to be professional photos, just not blurry or fuzzy. We love seeing and sharing the photos of your finished projects!



*Rewards may change from time to time as necessary for a variety of reasons. Changes may or may not be published here. We'll do our best to keep you informed.