Love Sewing with Life-Proof Paper Patterns

Elevate your sewing experience with paper patterns that keep your life in mind.

Won’t rip. Spill-resistant. It’ll last forevah (almost).

So you’ve found a soul-mate sewing pattern. You’ve sewn it so many times it’s a wrinkly mess and the paper is starting to rip at the edges. Or maybe you like a refreshing drink while you’re sewing and you left a big ol’ wet ring on your pattern by accident. Or maybe your children exercise dominance over you by using your pattern as a wrestling mat when you have it on the floor to be cut.

No matter what life throws at you, your pattern should be able to stand up to the test of time.

Which is why our paper patterns are printed on our Life-Proof Paper. What does that mean?


Feel free to use that rotary cutter around the tight corners! It won’t tear under the pressure. While our Life-Proof paper cuts easily, it won’t rip under strain. It won’t succumb to the wear and tear that puts most paper patterns in the garbage before you’ve had your fill of them.


Spills happen and it shouldn’t ruin your pattern! If you spill liquid (or anything else) on your Life-Proof pattern, quickly blot it dry.

Like what I’m saying? See our available paper patterns here.

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