Your New Favorite (FREE) Sling Bag Sewing Pattern

Bags. Big. Beautiful. Bags. I know you love them just as much as I do. Because how could you not love the convenience, style and pure awesomeness of a boho style sling bag?

So when I was trying to pick our July freebie pattern I couldn’t help but think of how wonderful a new bag would be. Whether we’re going swimming, out for a picnic or off for an afternoon in the mountains, a big bag is always a summer necessity.

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So I got out my measuring tape and got to work. And now The Weekender Sling Bag sewing pattern is yours for the taking. I was going to publish the tutorial on this post, but then I figured I’d stop being lazy and package it into a complete instructional PDF like all of our other incredible sewing patterns.

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Get the Free Pattern Here

So how about spotlighting some of the features?

How the Weekender Makes Your Life Easier

It’s free. Okay, I know it’s not difficult finding free patterns online these days. The trick is finding well-drafted patterns with instructions that don’t give you a migraine. If you’re familiar with our fashion sewing patterns, you know that drafting patterns is our bread and butter and our quality instructions are what makes DIBY Club the DIBY Club.

It’s big. So you can still carry all of your stuff while making room to hold a Dr. Pepper in one hand and ice cream in the other.

It’s comfortable. The sling straps are nice and wide to help distribute the weight across your shoulders, back, and chest.

It’s got pockets. Big is good, but it can be a pain if you can’t find the little things you want to access quickly – your keys, phone, wallet, etc. We’ve included two deep pockets to keep all of the essentials close and easy to find.

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Tips for Making Your Own

Fabric Choice makes a huge difference is how this bag looks, feels and lasts.

If you want something a bit more structured like mine, you’ll want to use a thicker structured material. The one in the picture is made of heavyweight upholstery fabric for the fashion fabric and engineered suede for the lining.

This kind of material will hold up nicely because of its weight and keeps the bag’s structure very well.

If you are wanting to get a more slouchy look for your bag, you can go with a lightweight woven such as quilter’s cotton or twill. Please note, however, that if you choose a lightweight woven you will definitely want to use a medium weight interfacing to protect the material. Otherwise, you’re going to get wear-and-tear in your bag a lot quicker than you’d like.

You can also choose to add a magnetic closure to yours like I did. I love seeing some metal on bags and it’s a practical addition to keep everything in.

So what are you waiting for? Grab the sling bag sewing pattern while it’s still free!

Get the Free Sling Bag Sewing Pattern

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  1. Love the bag! Thanks for sharing! I also love the top you are wearing in the photo where you are modelling how the bag sits across your body… can you please tell me where you go it from?

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