How To Use A Bubble Bar

A lot of these new age bath treats have lots of ladies scratching their heads. Bubble bar? How the crap does this thing make bubbles? Well, let me tell you.

What the crap is a bubble bar?

Mainstream bubble bars are made primarily of baking soda and SLS. The problem is that SLS is known to cause serious skin irritation. Even in quantities of less than half of one percent, the American College of Toxicology found that this serious irritation to the skin is prevalent in the use of SLS.

This is why the bubble bar recipes found on this site don’t use SLS

Instead, I use a more expensive (and natural) SLS alternative – SLSa. SLSa is a mild surfactant. It creates a dreamy, long lasting, foamy blanket of bubbles that are far less likely to irritate your skin.

How do I use a bubble bar?

There are a couple of ways to use a bubble bar. The primary goal is to dissolve the bar and agitate the water around it. Sooo….

  1. The first thing you’re gonna do is break up your bubble bar into a single bath portion. Most bubble bars are good for 2-4 baths depending on their size, your water hardness and how many bubbles you want. The softer the water, the more baths per bar.
  2. Next, you’re going to turn on your water. Tricky tricky…
  3. Now you’re going to grab your bubble bar and rub it with your fingers as you hold it under the running water. Hold it there until it’s completely dissolved.

The keys to making the most bubbles!

  1. Use Hot Water! The hotter the water, the better the bubbles.
  2. Agitate the water after you’ve dissolved the bubble bar under the running water.
  3. Don’t use bath salts! Salt kills bubbles.

Hacks to make it even easier

The big key here is to make sure that all of the bubble bar is getting dissolved. You can do this by putting it in a washcloth or a mesh strainer while holding it under the running water. One of my favorite ways to dissolve it is in a mesh baggie. My kids’ tub has a shower diverter on the spout so I can just loop the baggie strings over it and have the bubbles going hands-free. I have the instructions illustrated below ▼


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