The Best Sewing Gifts for 2018

If you’re a sewer you know that receiving gifts for your hobby, or shall we say obsession, is the ultimate expression of love. The sewer in your life may be just starting out or may have been sewing for many a moon, either way we’ve got you covered with the most unique and coveted gifts for the modern sewist of 2018.

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The ultimate sewing gifts wish list

Stocking Stuffers

These gifts may be small but they’re oh so irresistible. You might wonder how you ever lived without them.

Pin cushion ring

Have you ever sat down to start sewing and you didn’t grab your pins and they’re across the room?! We’ll never again, this cute and cuddly little pin cushion ring from Cats in Paris will ensure that your pins are always with you.

The ultimate sewing gifts wish list

Check Out All Her Designs

Seam Ripper Necklace

This has been on my personal wish list for years! I use my seam ripper ALL THE TIME and… I can never find it. Which just takes the frustration to another level. Well keep calm and grab your seam ripper which will always be right there around your neck! Thanks to Boot Legger Jewelry for this truly gorgeous gift.

The ultimate sewing gifts wish list

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Colorful Sewing Tape

Probably the most quintessential sewing item. These sewing tapes from Hector’s House Supplies just make me happy looking at them. Get one, or two, in a bright color of your choice?!

The ultimate sewing gifts wish list

Choose Your Color

Unicorn Scissors

I can’t think of anything more amazing than these unicorn scissors from Ellucy Stitches. These are the perfect scissors for snipping your threads and will make you want to hand sew everything! String these babies on the same chain as your seam ripper and you’ll be rocking at life.

The ultimate sewing gifts wish list

Channel Your Inner Unicorn Here

Wonder Clips

Wonder clips are well, wonderful! These come in both regular and jumbo sizes. Plus they’re just so dang pretty to look at.

The ultimate sewing gifts wish list

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Tulip Bobbin Holders

Not only are these bobbin holders cute but they’re super useful by keeping your thread from coming unwound. String a bunch of them together on a chain to keep them handy when you need one or display them in a jar just because they’re that pretty.

The ultimate sewing gifts wish list

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Editor’s Note: Enjoying this fun gift ideas? Did you know we offer Gift Cards as well!

Sewing Thimble

Sewing in the 21st century has so many perks and this thimble from Sewing Kingdom is just proof of how awesome it is. This is not your grandmother’s thimble with its super sleek silicon design. There’s no need to prick yourself anymore once you get your hands, or finger, on this one.

The ultimate sewing gifts wish list

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Pin Cushion

I just couldn’t resist including these adorable pin cushions on the list. These smiling pear and apple cushions made by Cat A Needle are far cuter than having a tomato sitting on your table. Grab yours before they’re gone!

The ultimate sewing gifts wish list

Get Them Here


Storage and Organization

Don’t underestimate the power of good storage in a craft room. With all of your new gadgets you’ll need a place to put them.

Stash and Store Caddy

Keep all the essentials in reach with this hip and modern storage caddy from Needle Case Goodies. It’s silicon design holds all your gadgets upright so you can easily access what you need. Plus it comes in five beautiful colors to match any craft room decor.

The ultimate sewing gifts wish list

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Handmade Baskets

These handmade baskets are the perfect place to stash all your sewing essentials in an attractive way. Plus buying this basket directly supports women in South Western Kenya who weave these baskets by hand! The Basket Room has so many beautiful colors, weaves, and sizes to choose from. It just feels good to support other women crafters too!

The ultimate sewing gifts wish list

Check Out All the Baskets

Cutting Table

This cutting table is not messing around and is coveted by any sewist with limited space. In it’s fully expanded state, it’s 59″ x 35″, but each side can collapse making it a slender table that will fit in any cramped corner. Its height is fully adjustable, it can be rolled wherever you need it, and it has two shelves for extra storage!

The ultimate sewing gifts wish list

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A Rolling Cart

Stash all your sewing essentials in this trendy cart that goes anywhere you roll it. The drawers are clear enough to quickly find what you need yet also hide any clutter you may have. Plus the top is an extra surface you can work on!

The ultimate sewing gifts wish list

Pick Up Yours Here



If you’re going to be in your sewing room 23 hours a day it might as well be a pretty place to be in.

Framable Printable

Every sewist can relate to this one. This instant download from Wishful Printing will immediately make an impact to your craft room style.

The ultimate sewing gifts wish list

Download It Here

Wall Decal

Sewing is my zen place and many of you sewists can relate. Why not make it known with this incredible wall decal from Wallum’s Wall Decals. They offer this one in an array of colors and any size you want!

The ultimate sewing gifts wish list

Pick Out Yours Now

Task Lamp

They can ban your sewing space to the darkest corner of the basement but they can’t take away your light! This lamp is perfect for really any craft room with it’s modern sleek design. Easily move it where you need it with its bendable neck and keep on sewing into the night!

The ultimate sewing gifts wish list

Get It Here

Comfy Chair

Make yourself queen of your sewing room with a pretty pink chair. A good comfy chair is probably the most underrated item in the sewing room. If you want to be able to actually walk the next day after a long sewing session, better get yourself a good seat, like now.

The ultimate sewing gifts wish list

Grab Yours Here

The Essentials

Here are the “you can never go wrong with these” gifts. You’ll likely already find all of them in every sewing room though these are the crème de la crème versions that every sewer covets. So even if you have these, you’ll want these ones instead.

A Good Pair of Scissors

Every sewer has to have a good pair of, “don’t you dare touch them”, scissors. These lovely ones from Kai will more than do the trick. And if you’re not sure about these because you’ve never heard of Kai before then seriously read those amazing five star reviews. And for this price point you’ll be wondering why you don’t already own a pair.

The ultimate sewing gifts wish list

Grab Yours Fast


An Ironing Board

You’ll be so excited to stop sewing to press your seams after you have this ironing board. Its extra wide surface makes quick work of  ironing large amounts of fabric, it holds your iron upright for you, and has a handy shelf for whatever you want. The only thing is doesn’t do is fly, which we’ll overlook.

The ultimate sewing gifts wish list

Purchase it Here

A Steam Iron

Only get this iron if your fully prepared for the undeniable urge to iron every piece of fabric you own. You’ve been warned. This iron is not only a beauty but has 400 steam holes for even steam distribution, an electronic steam pump, 3-way safety shut off, a smooth gliding stainless steal soleplate, and a self cleaning system! That’s what I’m talking about.

The ultimate sewing gifts wish list

Buy It Here


You can never have too much fabric and I can’t get enough of the world renowned Etsy fabric shop Miss Matatabi. It’s probably a good thing it’s half way across the world cause my pockets would be a lot emptier. If you’ve never heard of this Japanese fabric shop with it’s gorgeous knit or woven fabrics, you’ve got to head over there now! Things go fast.

The ultimate sewing gifts wish list

Shop This Gorgeous Waffle Knit

Sewing Book

Not only are sewing books quick resources to access all the information you’ll ever want to know about sewing but they’re really a beautiful addition to your sewing space. You’ll find yourself reading it for fun and out of necessity. This one has great reviews and will look really lovely on your shelf.

The ultimate sewing gifts wish list

Find it Here


The Dream List

These are the gifts that all sewists aspire to. This is the “I would give my right arm for one of these” list. Or someone could just buy it for us, pretty please.

A Dream Machine

We all get by with the machines we have and we love them but secretly in the back of our closets we have a shrine dedicated to our dream machine. A Janome sewing/embroidery machine is my dream machine. I can’t even begin to list all the features but they’re all the ones that dreams are made of and more.

The ultimate sewing gifts wish list

Dream With Me

A Serger

If you’re going to dream, a serger is definitely included. A serger will single handedly revolutionize your sewing. This one from Juki also has a cover hem option so you can get that professional hem on all your knit sewing projects!

The ultimate sewing gifts wish list

Get Your Serger Here

My Size Mannequin

To own a custom size dress form would take you beyond the home sewist to the professional fashion designer status. It’d be like having a my size dolly only better because you get to make her clothes and then wear them yourself!

The ultimate sewing gifts wish list

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Not seeing anything you want?? Put your wish list items in the comments!

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