Spa Crafting 101: My Preferred Places to Buy Spa Supplies

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I love making spa products. We all know this. Well, maybe you want to too but don’t know where to start! Welp, here I am all ready to help. The first thing you’ll want to do is head on over to my premium spa recipes catalogue and pick a recipe that excites you. These recipes are tried and true, so if you follow them correctly you shouldn’t have to go through the grueling learning curve that most of us experience when starting with random recipes off of Google.

Next, you’ll need to gather supplies! Check out the list below to see my favorite places to buy the most common ingredients for spa crafting projects:

Vegetable Base Oils

Base oils refer to all of the common vegetable oils that you use in large quantities for soap making. This includes things like coconut, rice bran, olive, sunflower, castor, sweet almond, soybean, palm and other common vegetable oils.

Company Preferred For… Notes
Soaper's Choice All Vegetable Oils Best price for bulk quantities. Super fast shipping.
Bulk Apothecary Castor/Jojoba Great for smaller quantities in all vegetable oils if you don't want to buy in bulk.
Wholesale Supplies Plus Base Oils and Specialty Oils like Argan and Babassu They have a rewards/points program and free samples with a minimum order quantity.
Costco Coconut/Olive Not the best prices for coconut but it's decent if you're looking for smaller quantities
Walmart Grapeseed/Sunflower/Canola Very inexpensive and you can get sunflower and canola in large quantities

A Note About Palm Oil

Now if you are new to the soaping/spa crafting community, you will likely run into some posts about the controversy of using palm oil. I’m not interested in starting a debate on this post so I will keep my opinion on the matter a mystery. But I suggest you research the discussion prior to deciding whether you want to use palm oil in your products. Also, I would like to note that Soaper’s Choice is another recommended business of mine because they offer RSPO certified palm oil for those of you who would like that option.

Animal Fats

Animal fats have incredible benefits for spa products. If you are comfortable using them, my recommendation is to look for a local place to purchase from. I’m also a big fan of buying leaf fat (suet) from Crowd Cow and making my own Beef Tallow (see how to make your own here).


Vegetable butters are so versatile for spa crafting! They are chuck full of nourishing ingredients and in many cases great for their use as hardening agents.

Company Preferred For… Notes
Soaper's Choice Cocoa/Shea/Kokum/Mango Best prices but only available in bulk quantities
Bulk Apothecary Cocoa/Shea/Kokum/Mango Best prices for smaller quantities. They still have bulk quantities available but you can get them all the way down to 14oz jars.
Wholesale Supplies Plus Specialty Butters like Argan/Avocado/Brazil Nut etc. Available in small quantities down to 2oz. They also have a rewards program.

Bath Bomb/Fizzy Supplies

Bath bomb supplies are a little unique to traditional soap making supplies. Here are the places I like to purchase the most common bath bomb ingredients.

Company Preferred For… Notes
Duda Diesel Citric Acid You get free shipping on anything bigger than a 1lb. I personally purchase at least 10lb at a time.
Two Wild Hares SLSa This little business is ran by a very talented spa crafter. It's a bangin deal and you're supporting a small business. Win win.
Wholesale Supplies Plus Polysorbate 80 It isn't much cheaper here over anywhere else but they have the rewards program so it makes it worth it if you're purchasing other items as well.
Xen Bath and Beauty Supply Bath Bomb Molds This is the only place I recommend you get your molds. They are great quality and well priced.
Costco Baking Soda Great price for 5-15lb bags depending on your location.
Honeyville Grain Baking Soda 50lb bulk bags for a great price per pound. They also do flat rate shipping.
Bulk Apothecary Clays They have a nice variety to choose from

Colorants and Specialty Additives

Spa colorants are a rabbit hole in and of themselves. You can spend lots of money on some beautiful colorants. Here are just a few of my favorite places to get mine.

Company Preferred For… Notes
Mad Micas All the things – Glitter/Neons/Micas/Lakes Offer a small selection of batch certified colorants. Their colorants are absolutely brilliant.
Two Wild Hares Jojoba Beads/Rock Salt/Cosmetic Dye She sells batch certified colorants in addition to many other additives.
Steph's Micas and More Mica Another small business. You will need to join her Facebook group to get info on ordering.
Wholesale Supplies Plus Lakes (Bath Bomb Colorants)/Dyes They sell sample sizes to test which is nice.
TBK Trading Mica/Glitter/Liquid Colorants They have a very large variety to choose from. You can pretty much find any color.

Soap Molds

You can use pretty much anything that’s not aluminum for a soap or spa crafting mold. The joke in the community is seeing something and thinking “Hey, I could mold moap outta that!”. I’ve made soap out of shoe boxes, popsicle molds and everything in between. Here are some places I like to buy official soap molds from though 🙂

Company Mold Types Notes
Brambleberry Silicone/Plastic/Loaf/Tray Shipping can take a few days but they have great customer service.
Wholesale Supplies Plus Plastic/Silicone/Soap Stamps/Milky Way Brand They have a large selection of specialty molds to choose from
Etsy Everything/There are tons of small businesses that make unique and custom molds on Etsy.

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