Summer Dress Pattern Mashup Tutorial | Cross My Heart Cami and Megan Dress

When Jessica asked me to write a guest blog post I was so excited and started brainstorming ideas of what to make. I decided I would replicate my favorite ready to wear (RTW) dress. By this point most of my RTW clothes have been donated as I love my handmade clothes more, but I just can’t get rid of this dress because it is so comfortable and flattering.

So in perfect DIBY fashion I decided to make my own! Patterns for Pirates just released the new Cross My Heart Cami (CMHC) which is the perfect pattern to mash with the Megan Dress by Made for Mermaids to create my favorite dress.  This is a simple mash as the only portion of the Cross My Heart Cami used is the neckline and straps, the rest of the dress is the Megan pattern. To make my vision a reality I used a gorgeous floral rayon spandex from Raspberry Creek Fabrics.

Combining Patterns

To combine these patterns we’re going to be using some tracing paper. So either get an oversized piece of tracing paper to start, or tape together a few pieces of copy paper to make yourself a blank sheet for your new pattern.

Front Bodice

Start by tracing the back v-neckline of the Cross My Heart Cami, marking the fold line and down to the bottom of the armscye.

Now we will be combining it with the front bodice of the Megan Dress. The Megan bodice is designed as a crossover bodice with two pieces, in order to make it one-piece start by folding it in half to find the middle. Line up this new fold line with the fold line marked on the new front piece.

Start by lining up the armscye on both pattern pieces, then move your Megan bodice down by one inch to account for the difference in fit between the patterns (cami tight vs. dress loose). Then trace the bottom line of the Megan bodice.

Then draw an angled line to connect the bottom line with the bottom of the cami armscye.

Back Bodice

For the back bodice you will be doing the exact same thing as you did with the front piece, except you will be using the front straight neckline from the Cross My Heart Cami pattern. So just like before you will be marking around the neckline and down to the bottom of the armscye. From there you will be lining up the Megan pattern armscye with your CMHC armscye, then moving your Megan pattern piece down by an inch to create your bottom line.

The Skirt

The skirt will be the normal Megan skirt, no additional modifications are needed.


Assemble the bodice per the Cross My Heart Cami instructions. Once the bodice is constructed follow the instructions from the Megan Dress to attach the skirt.

I would love to see your finished products, please tag me on Facebook or Instagram!

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