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I can’t even quantify the number of posts on Facebook I’ve seen from women stressed out beyond belief about keeping their house decently clean and asking desperately for help. Tips, tricks, voodoo magic, anything to help make the mess not so out of control. I was one of these women. Ready to kill everyone all the time because just living in my chaotic house was enough to make me want to scream constantly. And so this chore chart was born.

Secret footage of me before the chore chart:

Table Throw Gif

I first went looking for chore charts that already existed. Everything was either too complicated, too unreasonable or uncomprehensive. So when I put this together I wanted to achieve three key things.

  1. All of the daily chores needed to be simple. Something I could accomplish within a Daniel Tiger episode or two if needed.
  2. The chart needed to include all of the random crap that gets forgotten about.
  3. It needed to be super, super simple. A split second glance, and I should know what needs to get done for the day.

May I present my handy-dandy chore chart!


It features four main sections.


Daily Chores

The daily chores are just that – chores that get done every day. This section is my fall back. If all you do is the daily chores section every day, your house would be kept decently clean. Clean enough to stay sane anyway. In phases of my life when I have been flying by the seat of my pants and barely have time to eat, all I worry about are the chores in this section and it keeps my head on straight.

Yearly Chores

This section is a reminder of chores that only get done annually. Things that I typically need to get scheduled like carpet cleaning, a/c servicing, aerating the lawn etc. Every month or so I glance at the list and see if there’s anything I need to schedule from it.

Monday through Saturday Chores

We observe the Sabbath so no chores happen on Sundays unless absolutely necessary. For all of the other days in the week, I have assigned a single unique chore. Every chore assigned for each day can easily be done in 45 minutes or less. It needed to be this way for me to stick to it. Friday and Saturday don’t have specific chores assigned to them. Instead, you choose your chores for those days from my catch-all list. Which brings me to…

Catch-All Chore List


This list is all of those random little (or bigger) chores that are always an afterthought. They get forgotten about over and over again until you get so overwhelmed by all of the tedious little things that need to get done around the house that you spend an entire Saturday ignoring your family to do them all at once. Annoying right? So I have listed all of the catch-all chores I could think of and left Friday and Saturday open to accomplish one at a time. Boom. No more random chores holding your entire weekend hostage.


Can’t download it now? Pin it for later!


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