Sewing With Scraps

With sewing comes scraps – those odd ends and pieces that we never really have thought about too much. Generally, many of us shove them to the side and drop them into a box or a bin and forget about them. And now, I have seen many people buying scrap packs because we just can’t seem to get enough fabric!

But, what do you do with all of those scraps? I bet if you were to sit down and actually go through your scraps, you would find some fun fabric in an assortment of sizes. Fabric that you could use for cuffs, neckbands, waistbands, pockets, or even for a hood. Perhaps you have larger pieces of scrap fabric that would be perfect for color-blocking or that could be used for a child’s garment.

So, let’s take a peek into my scrap bin…

One way that I love to use my scraps is by making cuffs, neckbands, and waistbands:

Generally, I save ALL of my scraps – yep, I hoard them and assume that one day I will use them all. But, that has yet to happen as my bin keeps filling up faster than I can sew!

On occasion, I will buy a scrap pack or a remnant piece of fabric knowing that I need to find a pattern that will need to fit on to that specific yard…but that doesn’t always happen. Or, I will have leftover fabric that I am not exactly sure of what to do with. This is where my scraps come in and help me out.

So after digging through my scraps, I have found an assortment including leftover pieces which would easily be made into a kids pair of joggers. I am using the Juniper Jogger pants pattern for girls from Striped Swallow Designs.

I ensured that I had enough fabric for the legs, waistband, and cuffs prior to beginning. However, if I wanted to mix and match fabric pieces I could easily use the small scraps to do so.

Another way that I use my scraps is for neckbands, armbands, cuffs and waistbands. Here I used scraps to make the new Ellie and Mac Live Out Loud Top pattern:

I love how I can use my smaller scraps that I once thought I would never be able to use for bands of childrens tops! The options are endless. My largest piece of fabric besides the front/back bodice is my waistband and I did not have a long enough piece so I cut two pieces of this fabric and sewed them together.

So when you think that your scraps may be too small, there is always a project for them!

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