Sewing These Jeans Brought Me Healing | The DIBY Jeans Review from a Plus Sized Mom

The following is a guest post submitted by DIBY Club member, May Lane.

I worked out everyday. I knew my body and I loved my body. I easily found clothes that looked good on me and I stomped the streets of New York City feeling pretty dang hot.

Then, I fell in love and got married. A few years later I was happy to find out I was pregnant.

I’m tall and broad-shouldered and my husband is even taller and broader.  I had a happy, healthy, normal and non-gestational diabetes pregnancy… That’s still ended up giving me in 11 and a half pound first born son. That’s right, 11 and a half pounds! After he was born, nurses from around the hospital came to visit… They came to see the biggest baby that had ever been born in the little birthing wing of the hospital we were located at.

Needless to say, my body hasn’t been the same ever since. I watch what I eat, and I exercise, but I had my first child when I was over the age of 30, and my abs seem to be a thing of memories only; my once strong and flat belly can only be referred to in the past tense. After having a second gigantic baby boy, my new larger, hanging belly seemed to be unavoidable.

I boxed up all of those pretty New York City clothes and tried to make peace with my new reality. For the first year, I tried to buy jeans. That was money spent and money wasted. Nothing fit. Thanks to my exercise regimen, my legs were back to their fit form and about a size 12 or 14. My waist shrunk a little bit. That sweet belly of mine though, the belly that it carried those big beautiful boys… never changed. The jeans I bought either didn’t fit, or any time I picked up a baby, they would fall down and expose my tush.  I gave up and crawled into yoga pants, maternity jeans, and most often gigantic overalls.

Somewhere in this journey, I started sewing my own clothes. Then I became a tester for some great pattern groups. Fast forward to about a month-and-a-half ago when Jessica and Kelly from DIBY Club announced in their PDF pattern tester group that they were looking for more plus size testers for the Dauphine skinny jean pattern.

I was scared. I was excited! Could I handle making jeans? If I did would they fit, or would it just be another waste of time and money? I went through the steps of applying and then sewing the jeans. I tentatively left my house wearing my first pair. Would they fit? Would they fall down when I played at the park and ran around after my children? The first outing went well, so I was so bold as to wear them the entire following day… No wedgies, no falling down, and can you believe it… Compliments!

Sewing your own jeans feels bad ass. Getting a compliment and being able to say to somebody “oh thanks, I made these,” feels amazing! 

Getting to have custom made jeans that fit me and not just my waist, but my belly, and my legs is a gift from the universe that I will be forever thankful for.

I’ve made a few pairs of these over the course of the testing and I have more planned.

There are a lot of hiccups to being a plus size woman in America. Often it feels like the whole culture is set up to make us feel badly about ourselves. We are the squarest of pegs in the tiniest, roundest of holes… unless we know how to sew and are members of The DIBY Club.

Not to be too cheesy, but sewing these jeans and wearing them out of the house feels really healing. I know that sounds crazy to say about a pair of pants, but I’m sure you plus size moms will get it. These fit me so well that I was bold enough to even wear them with a shirt tucked in. Sure that made my belly visible, but the cut was so good and I’d work so hard on them I didn’t want to hide it.

I hope other moms, other moms who had to have surgical births especially, other moms who refer to their body as having an apron, will treat themselves to the fabric to the pattern and to the time needed to make perfect, beautiful, custom fit jeans.  You deserve to feel this good!

– May Lane

Want to try them yourself?

3 thoughts on “Sewing These Jeans Brought Me Healing | The DIBY Jeans Review from a Plus Sized Mom”

  1. Mary Lane, I loved reading your post. Hearing about your experience making jeans that fit makes me want to get up and dance! I wish you many more jeans and clothes that fit your body, you look amazing!

  2. I bought the denim…the patterns…the whole stash…ages ago. The one thing I don’t have is the nerve to put needle to fabric and actually make them. Like Mary Lane, I had two big boys, via C-sections, less than a year apart. I already had a little pot belly before my babies. Now I have a humongous pot belly that I am SO self conscious about. But I miss great fitting jeans! Thanks for the inspiration!!

  3. This is a beautiful story and it really inspires me. I have had the Bravado pattern for several months, as well as the materials to go with it, but they have sat on my shelf the entire time (post fabric prep). I can’t wait to make my first pair. Thank you so much for showing that there are others out there who have the same frustration about clothes fitting the post-preg bod! <3

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