Sew What Do I Wear for Valentine’s Day | Plus Mama Joy Maternity Hack

Holy crap guys, how is it already Valentine’s season?! I’m so excited to be a part of this fun Valentine’s Day sewing inspiration blog tour put together by Patterns for Pirates and Made for Mermaids sewing patterns!

Now sewing for myself is a little trickier these days. I’m ridiculously pregnant which means a couple of things. First, everything I make needs to accommodate my big ol’ baby belly. But secondly, I’m only going to have this belly bump for another month-ish so I wanted to make something that would still work postpartum.

Enter Mama Joy!

Okay, listen to me guys. Listen to me closely. Whether you’ve got a full-on human being inside of your abdominal cavity, or if you just have a little softness around the midsection you aren’t diggin, peplum tops with pleats are your new best friend. AKA the Mama Joy Peplum, Dress and Maxi Pattern.

Beautiful blog reader, meet pleated peplum. Pleated peplum, meet beautiful blog reader.

Now that the two of you are acquainted, you guys need to get together and make a baby new shirt! If you’re newer to sewing, don’t let the pleats on the Mama Joy pattern intimidate you. When you buy the pattern, you get access to a video tutorial on how to do the pleats for this top (*spoiler alert* It’s super easy!)

I had to modify the pattern a teensy bit to fit around the baby bump. More on that later (scroll down if you don’t want to wait). I also adjusted the neckline between the high and low option because I’m a neckline snob and I know where I like my necklines y’all.

P.S. Did I mention the Mama Joy comes in FIVE lengths options? High-low peplum, mini, dress, high-low maxi and maxi length. Another big reason I chose this one. I love patterns with plenty of options.

So now that I picked the pattern for my top I had to figure out what bottom to go with it. Not because I like to wear pants these days, but mostly because it’d be against the blog tour rules to show off my naked butt. Once again, I was on the hunt for something that would work both preggo and post-preggo.

Enter Peg Legs!

If you’ve seen my free women’s sewing patterns post, you already know how much I love the Pattern’s for Pirates peg legs. They are so easy and quick to sew up and they fit like a dream. Store bought leggings are the pits because they’re always too tight on my waist. I love the yoga band on the pegs to keep things comfy. Plus I needed some tights to really show off the flounce of my peplum.

Now comes the really hard part. Picking the fabric! Oh the fabric I went through before deciding to cut into this beauty. But really, who could possibly turn down an opportunity to show off this epic Star Wars print? Not to get weird or anything, but I get legitimately upset sometimes that I’m not a Jedi…

So here’s my little bit for all the pregnant ladies out there. The pegs really require no modification for pregnancy IMHO. It falls nicely right under the belly. The Mama Joy, however, requires a tiny bit of adjustment to keep the waistline out of the danger zone (AKA the baby bump). So here’s a little tutorial for how to modify the Mama Joy for pregnancy.

Psssst! This is also a good hack for those of you who just prefer more of an empire waist on your peplum tops.

Mama Joy Maternity Hack

Step one is going to be shortening your bodice pieces. Get your original pattern piece cut to your size. Then you’re going to get a ruler and a marker and make a bunch of different markings up 2″ from the bottom. Connect the dots to make a line that should be running parallel to the bottom of the pattern piece. Then cut off the bottom, write what piece it’s associated with and save it with the rest of your pattern pieces. Later on when you aren’t preggers anymore you can simply tape it back on 🙂 Do this for both the front and back bodice piece.

Next, you’ll be taking similar steps in adjusting the peplum skirt pieces. Except instead of shortening, we’ll be lengthening. To do this, get your marker and ruler again and measure down in several places 2.5-3″ from the peplum cut line on your front and back skirt pattern pieces. Then connect your dots to get a new parallel cut line. You need this extra length added to adjust for the shortening you did to the bodice.

Then go ahead and trim the pattern pieces on the new cut line and, of course, mark and save the bottoms with the other pattern pieces.

And that’s really it folks! The rest of the pattern pieces will stay the same and you’ll construct it just like the instructions direct. You’re gonna look sexy rocking that baby bump in this beauty, and you’ll still be able to wear it when the bump’s gone.

I mean, I know for most people Star Wars isn’t what comes to mind when you think of romance, but this print is definitely the exception. And the fact that my husband is totally cool being out in public with me with all my handmade Star Wars get-up just shows how much he loves me. Which is super attractive 😉

M4M and P4P Blog Tour Schedule

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13 thoughts on “Sew What Do I Wear for Valentine’s Day | Plus Mama Joy Maternity Hack”

  1. Gorgeous! I love how it turned out, so flaTteriNg over that beautiful baby bump. And the fabric is awesome too. My daughter would geek out over that. 🙂

  2. I agree with Aaronica Cole (above) – you are the cutest preggo woman in the world and the peplum top in that star wars print (which is serously pretty and chic! Shock!) looks adorable on you! Great info on how to alter for maternity and after wear. Hope things are going well with you and your babe!

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