Sew A Maternity Shirt Workshop

As most of you know, I’m extremely pregnant. Which means lots and lots of maternity sewing! A couple of weeks ago I showed off a couple of my maternity sewing projects and got such a huge response from baby carrying women such as I.

Many of them wanted to sew their own tops but were a little intimated by the project. So this inspired me to host a little sew along! If you are interested in participating in my sew-alongs live, like my Facebook page and follow my Events for that page.

Live participation in my sew-alongs is nice because I stay available on the event page to answer any of your questions as you follow along. Plus, sometimes I publish a coupon code for the patterns!

If you didn’t catch the live event, no problem. You can follow along with the workshop here, with my handy dandy YouTube videos.


Sew Your Own Maternity Shirt

This is a 50 minute YouTube workshop divided into four days/videos.

So if you’d like to sew your own maternity shirt, you’ve come to the right place! Start by purchasing these patterns:

The Layer Me Up Pattern
The Layer Me Up Maternity Add-On Pattern

Day One

For day one of the workshop we cover everything you need to prepare to start sewing:

  • Measuring your size
  • Cutting your pattern
  • Cutting your fabric and elastic
  • Marking your fabric
  • Pinning your elastic


Day Two

On day two we will be baste stitching our elastic onto a front panel piece. This will keep your elastic in place as we construct the rest of the garment


Day Three

Day three will be the day we construct the main pieces of our shirt. The front panel, back panel, sleeves and side seams will all be stitched up.


Day Four

Finally, day four is our finishing day! For day four we will be attaching our neckbands and hemming. I will also cover cuffs, waistbands and altering your neckline.


All Finished!

Can’t make it now? Pin this for later!

Sew Your Own Maternity Shirts!



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