Self Care with the Gabriela and Cricut Crafting!

Okay everyone let’s talk self-care for a hot minute. Now you that we just released the most self-caring’ist pattern ever created, The Gabriela. This pajama suit is so much more than just a pattern for us. It is everything we want for all of our beautiful members. To feel comfortable, beautiful and confident all the time.

The unfortunate fact is that most women do not feel this way on a daily basis. More and more women these days are instead finding themselves plagued with stress, anxiety, and insecurity. As our schedules get fuller our self-care to-do list gets smaller.

Which is why the DIBY Club, along with over a dozen other bloggers, have teamed up to bring you an entire series of self-care projects in celebration of The Gabriela release!

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So what do you say? How about taking your self-care a bit more seriously and have a little fun while doing it? Check out the tour below and get Cricut crafting crazy!

Self Care with Cricut Blog Tour

3/19: DIY Adult Onesie with Sassy Drop Seat // DIBY Club
3/19: Matching Robe and Slipper Set // Not So Cli-Shéa
3/20: Custom Sleep Masks // See Lindsay
3/20: Mother of the Bride HTV Tote // Dragon Fly and Lily Pads
3/21: Mug Rug and Custom Coffe Mug // Sally’s Angelworks
3/22: Peppermint Scrub and Container // Practical and Pretty
3/22: Me-Time Custom Socks // Clarks Condensed
3/23: Personalized Throw Blanket // The Quiet Grove
3/24: Felt and Fabric Bookmark // Crafting in the Rain
3/24: Adult Coloring Book // Jordan’s Easy Entertaining
3/25: Ice Cream Cozy // Pattern Revolution
3/25: Bow Pencil Case // Sook Ee Designs
3/26: Manicure Mitts // Intrepid Thread
3/26: Mantra Banner // Albion Gould
3/27: Knit Headbands // Lily Shine Creates

DIY Sassy Drop Seat Onesie

So nobody really understands how much they desperately need a onesie until they have one. I kind of laughed at the idea, then I made one, and now I don’t wear real clothes anymore.

Wearing the Gabriela is the most comfortable and cute way to wear pajamas all day long without question. Plus it has a drop seat option. Yes, once again, queue the giggles. But a drop seat lets you take care of business without stripping down naked. Which is always cool.

So with a little sass in my step, I decided to throw together a handful of fun cut files for you to add to yours!

Download the cut file collection for free! Collection includes:

  • No Coffee? Not Talkie.
  • I’m Sexy and I Know It
  • DIBY
  • Onesies. Because not all superheroes wear capes.
  • Always Cold


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