My Favorite Knit Sewing Patterns for Beginners

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For this lesson, I have compiled a list of my favorite sewing patterns for beginners. I love all of these patterns and they are perfect for getting your hands dirty and gaining some knit-sewing confidence.

Editor’s Note: Want to try a DIBY classic? Try the ABB Womens Tee and Womens Leggings!

Anything But Basic Women’s Tee

This is a wonderful beginner pattern for so many reasons. It comes in a large size range with a variety of custom fit adjustment tutorials included with the pattern. It is a super comfortable, semi-relaxed tee making it a staple for every wardrobe.


Anything But Basic Leggings

Another piece in our Anything But Basic series, the ABB Leggings are your new favorite pair of leggings! The outseam on this pattern helps the leggings be perfectly form fitting without having to be too tight. It also makes custom fit adjusting a breeze.


The Mae Poncho

The Mae Poncho Sweater is the most comfortable sweater top you’ll ever make. It comes with a handful of fun options (like the cowl neck) to spice things up if you’d like. But all around it is an incredibly simple and quick sew – perfect for beginners.


Mama Chloe Skirt

If you’re still nervous about trying your first sleeves or neckbands, the Mama Chloe skirt is another awesome pattern to use as a starting point with knit fabrics. It is incredibly simple and perfect for anyone looking for a more comfortable skirt.

A list of the best women's pdf sewing patterns for your wardrobe essentials and how to get them


Lane Raglan

Now a raglan style top isn’t going to be as simple as these other patterns. But it’s still really easy once you get the hang of sewing knit apparel in general. I’m telling you, three or four other patterns in and you’ll be able to whip out a raglan in an hour. I added it to the list, however, because everybody loves a cute raglan. And I’ve found the best way to motivate myself to learn to sew knit apparel has been to learn to sew things that really excite me. I don’t just want easy, I want cute! There are many raglan patterns out there, but the Lane Raglan is one of my favorites because it is not too slim and not too baggy. It’s the perfect casual fit.


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3 thoughts on “My Favorite Knit Sewing Patterns for Beginners”

  1. Jessica, you amaze and inspire me. Your tutorials have great video and voice quality, and are just the right length. I’ve been sewing for over 30 years and you’ve inspired me to try sewing clothes for myself once again. Thank you!

      1. Sandra Clements

        Jessica, I am a 62 year old quilter who has always been a terrible garment sewer because my finished garment never fit me. I downloaded your ABB Tee pattern and read through your instructions several times. For the first time, I successfully sewed a shirt that fit my body exactly. Thank you for your detailed instructions. I accomplished my first FBA and also graded the pattern for my measurements. I’m excited to try something else.

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