How to Mold the Snowball Bath Bomb [VIDEO]

In this video, Jessica demonstrates how to mold the Snowball Bath Bomb using a sphere mold. For other spa recipes, check out our library of spa crafting articles here.

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Hey guys Jessica here from and I’m gonna show you really fast how to mold your snowball bath bombs in your sphere molds. Okay, now that you have everything mixed up. You’re gonna have your mix and I’ve got my two metal molds. A spoon, a tray and then some parchment paper to lay my finished bath bombs on.

So I’m just gonna show you real quick how to mold these really easy way. So, we’re gonna start by getting one half and filling it up to a nice big oversized mound. And then we’re gonna get the second half and just kind of loosely fill it up. A little bit short to the top. And then you’re just going to cram them on top of one another as tight as you can.

Some people recommend you don’t pack very hard but I always pack considerably hard, as hard as I can to make them as hard as possible.

Then you’re gonna get your spoon and I don’t tap on the top. I always tap on the side where the seam is. I find that that undoes the vacuum much better than tapping on the top. Then you have your snowball. There’s our first one.

Let’s go ahead and do another one. So make your mound nice and big, oversized. Just let the extra fall right back into the bowl. And then pack it down as hard as you can. This one’s a little oversized. But if you don’t tap it with the spoon on the side. Oops, sorry. I find I get a lot of issues with the vacuum making the bomb crack in half. Which is really, what drives most people crazy when they’re first learning how to make bath bombs.

So tapping it from the side makes such a huge difference. You should be able to see that pretty bomb.

When I don’t have enough for a third jumbo snowball, so I’m just gonna get one of my smaller molds. Do the same thing. I love how you can make these any shape or size really that you want so you could do you know three mini snowballs if you want or you could go like me and do. I really like the jumbo sized ones for the snowball because Christmas you kinda always go big for, right? So cram it down. Get my spoon, find the seam. Tap the seam in a couple places. It’s really stubborn and it doesn’t want to come off the top. Do not force it. Just hit the seam again. It’ll pop right off.

So there’s our snowball.

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