Introduction to PDF Sewing Patterns {VIDEO}

Welcome to the world of PDF sewing patterns! It is magical and beautiful and you’ll never want to go back. PDF sewing patterns are print-at-home sewing patterns that come in every variety imaginable. Some of the reasons I love PDF sewing patterns.

  • You can reprint it in multiple sizes so you don’t have to worry about ruining an original
  • You can reprint specific pattern pieces that you want to alter
  • You can print specific sizes so it’s easier to cut along the correct lines
  • The instructions are oftentimes more robust than their printed counterparts
  • Designed by a variety of indie designers (because they don’t have the overhead cost of printing) so you can support small businesses

Just like everything else new, there are a few tips and tricks you’ll want to know before you get started. Watch the video below to get an overview of PDF sewing patterns then check out this article on the specifics of printing your pattern correctly and this article on my favorite way to store your patterns.

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7 thoughts on “Introduction to PDF Sewing Patterns {VIDEO}”

  1. I’m printing at 100% and my printer seems to be cutting off a tiny bit of the image on one side (like it is shifted to the right just slightly). The scale is correct, though. Any ideas on how to correct that or is it maybe an issue with my printer? Thanks for your help.

    1. Hi Miriam! I would make sure that the paper is put in straight into the printer feed. Sometimes the printer can shift the papers around and cause problems that way.

    2. I know my reply is veeery late, but maybe someone else will have a similar problem in the future.
      I had the same issue and fixed it by just inserting the paper more to the side that was “cut”. For some reason, the paper inlet in my printer is slightly bigger than A4, so if I align the paper with my left-hand side (standing opposite the printer), the left edge will be cut.
      So try to feed your paper in different ways, maybe that will help!

  2. Hello really enjoyed this video.very helpful , but where do I find the selector to pick just the size pattern I wish to print ? Thank you

  3. Please remove the background music. It’s difficult to hear the speaker due to the type and volume of the music.

  4. First time I have printed a PDF and I am not receiving the actual size I need to use to cut out the pattern. What am I doing wrong?

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