IKEA Homeschool and Play Room for Little Kids

So this will be our first year homeschooling. I have a preschooler and a little boy ready for pre-k. Needless to say we are all stoked! Basically two hours set aside in a day to play. Because my kiddos are so small (and so is my house) we needed the school room and the play room to be combined.

This is the room we had to work with.


Not bad. Not the best. But whatevs, let’s get this shiz done! First thing’s first, off to my favorite virtual place on Earth. Pinterest! These were my Pinspirations:


So naturally I headed to my favorite place on Earth. Walmart? No. Target? Good guess. Enter…IKEA!!


Then the next obvious place was Home Depot, where I picked up the wall paint. I went with Chic Grey from Behr for everything but the chalkboard wall. The one wall took two 30 ounce cans of chalkboard paint. But of course before painting I had to remove the chair rail and all of the fixtures attached to the walls. I had to sand the crap out of the chair rail marks and use a butt load of spackle to fill in all of the holes leftover. It was fun. Not.

Seriously prepping for painting is the most miserable thing in the world. So tedious. But totally worth it.

The Shopping List

(2) Trofast 17 3/8×35 7/8 ” Units
(2) Trofast 37×20 1/2 ” Units
(3) Trofast 36 5/8×8 1/4×11 3/4 ” Wall Units
Trofast Bins in Various Sizes
(1) Flisat Children’s Desk
(2) Flisat Stools
(1) Raskog Cart (I switched the black one for the blue one after taking photos)
(4) Bekvam Spice Racks
PS 1995 Clock
3 Sprouts Raccoon Storage Bin

It took five solid days with me wrangling everything else I gotta do throughout the day (aka feed my kids) but by golly it’s sure beautiful.





Prior to starting on this project I did a good ol’ toy purge (a bi-annual happening around here). Lots of toys were donated in the making of this toy room.

With all of the new storage I was easily able to fit all of the rascals’ toys and both of their Timberdoodle preschool and pre-k curriculum.

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