How to Sew Your Own Leggings

And the glorious thing about leggings is that they are a great starter project for beginner sewists. Plus, it’s super annoying that we’re in the midst of a “one size fits all” fad, because I swear on my life that the one size LLR sells doesn’t fit me.

So if you are wanting to make yourself some kick-butt leggings that fit you perfectly, you’ve come to the right place my friend.

If this is your first knit apparel project and you’re feeling a little green, check out my Beginner’s Guide to Sewing Knit Apparel before you start. Not to toot my own horn but it’s got amazing reviews for a reason (because it’s freaking awesome).

I’ve divided this sewing workshop into three days/phases. All of which are just enough to be able to accomplish after a busy day at work or home.

The Pattern

The pattern we’re going to be using for this workshop is the Peg Leg PDF sewing pattern by Patterns for Pirates. The best part? IT’S FREE!

Now if you’ve used this pattern in the past and wasn’t a fan, I suggest you revisit it. They recently celebrated reaching 50,000 members in their Facebook group by revamping the Peg Leg pattern. It is 100% better in my opinion. It makes for a comfortable pair of leggings that don’t try to show the world your plumber’s crack like they used to (no offense to any plumbers out there…)

Day One

In this video I go over fabric choice, adjusting the pattern for height and how to cut it without making common mistakes.

Watch the video guided tutorial for day one here:

In the video I also go over stretch percentages. You can download my printable fabric stretch chart here.

Learn How to Test The Different Qualities of Knit Fabrics.

Day Two

For day two we start sewing! We’ll be sewing together the leg pieces and attaching them at the rise. In this video I mention picking a stretchy stitch if you are working on your sewing machine instead of a serger. If you aren’t sure which stitches on your machine you can use for this, check out my post The Best Stretch Stitches on Your Sewing Machine.

Day Three

The last day in this workshop is where we attach our bands and hem the legs! If you are topstitching on a sewing machine, I suggest using a twin needle. If you aren’t sure how to use a twin needle or what kind you need, check out my blog post What Is A Twin Needle And How to Use One.

And you’re done! If you used this tutorial to make your leggings, please join my Facebook group and share a picture with me! I would love to see your creations <3

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Learn to Sew Your Own Leggings with This Free Pattern!

9 thoughts on “How to Sew Your Own Leggings”

  1. Great blog & tutorial videos. Thanks so much for sharing. Ive made a few pairs but your videos gave me a few tips that i will start doing.

  2. Very unique article, I just love the pattern, It will be more easy to follow if you post step by step pictures. i want to try this and with some new designs, It would be lovely to have a step by step guide.

  3. So cute! Leggings are more comfortable and also look great. I love this tutorial on making leggings. I wear leggings all the time while at home. I will defiantly make this for me. Thanks for the pattern.

  4. This is great! Any tutorials on lined and/or reversible leggings? I live in Michigan and its COLD up here! Thank you!


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