How to Sew with Horse Hair

Horsehair braid is an easy, fast installation that gives a big effect- almost ethereal and magical effect! Horsehair appears to “lift” the hems- the hems “stand out”.

Horsehair braid is a woven plastic or nylon that comes in various widths and weights. There are different ways to sew it in, also. But for now, I am going to show how I sewed it into the hem of this gorgeous dress to “lift” the hem.

Making this transformation in the dress above (That stunning photo was taken by Shannon Burke Photography):

I used a 1″ medium weight horsehair braid and scrap fabric to use as a demonstration.

With right sides together (horse hair has no right or wrong side) I sewed 1/8″ from the edge. You are sewing the horsehair braid onto the right side of the garment’s hem. Continue until the entire hem has the braid stitched on.

Here is a close up of a your horse hair braid and fabric sandwich should look like.

Next, open the horsehair to the right.


Then fold the horsehair completely underneath and to the left. When you turn the horsehair under, you then have a perfect little tiny folded seam on the bottom edge of your hem!

Stitch along the edge of your new fold to secure the horse hair and to get make a perfect tiny hem. Keep horse hair taught and smooth for a perfectly straight edge on the hem.

Done! It really is that easy! Here are some photos from the dress shown above.

Editor’s Note: Enjoying this unique sewing tutorial? It can be used on the Soujourner Bais Dress!

This article was originally published at Alterations by KCG

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Learn How to Sew In Horse Hair Braid to Lift Your Dress Hem

8 thoughts on “How to Sew with Horse Hair”

    1. I don’t think there’s a right or wrong answer to that 🙂 You can put it wherever you want! I’ve only seen it on hems but I’m sure there are other applications if you’re up for being a little adventurous!

    1. If you are adding horse hair braid to a finished dress then you will be shortening it but only slightly as you can see in the pictures of this tutorial 🙂

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