How to Sew a Half Placket Without Pulling Your Hair Out {VIDEO}

Half plackets are so pretty. In fact, I can still remember my first. It was…ummm…not so pretty. Because as pretty as they are, they can be dang freaking tricky if you don’t have a good pattern or a good tutorial (I had neither). So Kelly is here to help you with both. First thing’s first, get a pattern with a legit half-placket piece.

Julianne Women's Button-up PDF Sewing Pattern

While there are plenty of half placket patterns out there I will shamelessly recommend our The Julianne pattern because it’s so incredibly versatile and well finished.


Next, we need a good tutorial. So follow along with the video tutorial below. Kelly will walk you through the half placket installation one simple step at a time. There’s nothing “homemade” looking about this placket, but it’ll look so good you’ll make sure everyone knows that it is 😉


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  1. Ummm, did you just say ironing mat?! Where has this been all my life? I grab a towel every time and sit on the floor next to my machine to do my sewing-related ironing 🙈

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