Add Snaps to Your Clothes Without Buying Fancy Tools or Presses {VIDEO}

Closures scare people. I get it. You mention a zipper or a buttonhole around here and people just take off running. And while I actively work to change that, in the meantime I totally get that there are some of you that simply “just can’t even” when it comes to messing with certain kinds of garment closures.

Thankfully there are snaps! Snaps are a quick and easy option for when you want something a little less conventional. Plus, snaps add a different aesthetic, so they’re a fun way to freshen up a familiar pattern. But with a new closure, comes a new application tool, right? Wrong.

Sarah from Sewing with Sarah has put together this simple snap attachment tutorial using items every seamstress should have on hand! (Pssst! If you’d rather have a fancy tool to pound these suckers out, she’s got a snap press tutorial on her blog for that too!)

Editor’s Note: Do you love these snaps as just as me? Try them out on the Julianne Womens Top


4 thoughts on “Add Snaps to Your Clothes Without Buying Fancy Tools or Presses {VIDEO}”

  1. THANK YOU SOO MUCH for simplifying the snap install! I was dreading paying almost $30 for a pair of snap pliers. Very easy to understand…

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