My Favorite YouTube Tutorials for Different Knit Necklines

Welcome to the seventeenth lesson in the Beginner’s Guide to Sewing Knit Apparel! Download the ebook for free!

In this lesson, I have simply aggregated a few of my favorite YouTube tutorials for sewing different styles of necklines. Necklines are one of my favorite ways of making a familiar pattern into something fresh. You can take the same pattern and make five different shirts all with different necklines and it gives them all a unique feel and finish.

And while I try my darndest, I have yet to make a video for everything so for now, check out these other awesome YouTubers and their video tutorials.



Henley Placket


Narrow Knit Neck Binding


Wide Top-Stiched Neck Binding


Knit Facing Neckline


Don’t stop here! Up next are my Favorite YouTube Tutorials for Adding Character to Your Garments.

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My Favorite YouTube Tutorials for Sewing Different Knit Necklines

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