DIY Spooky Spa Treats

It’s October!!! I love October. It’s the beginning of fall which means the beginning of everything I love most. Flannel, pumpkin pie, family, comfort food. It all begins in October. And all of my Halloween crazies are pretty excited too. Which is why I put together this little gift pack of spa treats all fit for any sexy witch to unwind to in her cauldron.


Below I have the recipes for a bath melt, bath bomb, and soap bar. So pull out the iPad to throw on your favorite Halloween blockbuster, drop the robe and crawl into a spectacularly spooky bath made just for you.

Man Eater Bath Melt


This bath melt will leave you feeling silky smooth and smelling like the devilish temptress you are. The fragrance oil used is a sexy, vanilla and sandalwood fragrance with the perfect touch of musk.


2/3 C Melted Cocoa Butter
2 tsp Golden Jojoba Oil
2 tsp Crafter’s Choice Amber Romance Fragrance Oil
1/16 tsp Neon Green Powdered Colorant (non-staining)
Small Skull and Cross Bones Mold (the one pictured is from Walmart)

Combine your jojoba oil with your green powdered colorant and mix it as well as you can. Try to smash out any lumps of color you have to avoid any speckle in the finished product.



Add your fragrance oil and colored jojoba oil into your melted cocoa butter. Leave any dregs of colorant in the bottom of your bowl so that it doesn’t get into the finished product – leaving it speckled. Mix well.


Place your mold on some sort of baking dish to keep it stable, so you can move it easily.


Pour your mixture into the molds then refrigerate until hard.


Remove the melts very carefully, so you don’t break any crossbones.

Use them by adding directly to a hot bath. The oils will coat your skin, keeping it silky soft, smooth and nourished.

Jack 0′ Bomb


I just bathed my kids in one of these, and I couldn’t stop rubbing their fat, soft, little arms once I dried them off. It is incredibly softening and nourishing. The colloidal oatmeal in this recipe is a famous skin healer and soother. I also made this bath bomb with Epsom salts for relaxation and aloe vera for moisture.

For those of you new to bath bomb making, this recipe is formulated by weight, not volume. So ounces instead of cups or tablespoons. Weight is a better measurement for bath bombs because you need your baking soda and citric acid to be accurate for a perfect fizz. Small kitchen scales are available at most grocery stores.

The other less familiar ingredients in this recipe shouldn’t be too hard to find. Citric acid and aloe vera liquid are for sale at most grocery stores as well. Colloidal oatmeal and shea butter can are available at most health foods stores.


17.65oz Baking Soda
8.8oz Citric Acid
2.4oz Epsom Salt
0.5oz Cream of Tartar
0.3oz Colloidal Oatmeal

1.2oz Nature’s Oil Midnight Vanilla Fragrance Oil
0.8oz Shea Butter
0.7oz Grapeseed Oil
0.3oz Aloe Vera Liquid

Orange Powdered Colorant (I used Crafter’s Choice Sunflower Orange powdered dye)
Golden Shimmer Powder
Jack-O-Lantern Silicone Mold (The one pictured in from Walmart)

Place your mold on a solid baking dish, so you can move it easily.


Combine all of the dry ingredients first (except the colorant), making sure to sift any ingredients that have clumps in them, particularly the baking soda and citric acid. Mix well. I used my stand up mixer but a good ol’ whisk and elbow grease have served me just fine in the past.


Melt your shea butter and combine with the grapeseed oil, aloe vera liquid, and powdered colorant.



Add your wet ingredients to your dry ingredients and mix well. Work fast! The aloe vera liquid acts like glue and will harden your mix quickly. This seems like a hassle now, but it will make removing your bath bombs from the mold a breeze.

Pack the molds tightly with your mix. Just be careful not to pack them so full that you warp the silicone.


Wait 48 hours for them to harden up like cement! Do not touch them until then. You hear me?? Don’t do it. Once they have set, remove them carefully from the mold. Then take a craft brush and your golden shimmer mica and dust the outside liberally.



Use them by putting one bath bomb in a hot bath with you, lay back and let the stress fizz away.

Ghoulish Soap Bars


This is a super simple melt-and-pour soap recipe. I wanted to make sure at least one of the three recipes felt completely doable by everyone, including kids. It’s a tri-colored soap with no additives but glycerin, colorants and a delicious fragrance oil from Crafter’s Choice filled with notes of blackberry, melon, sugar and magnolia.


2lbs Shea Butter Melt and Pour Soap Base
3 Tbsp (divided) Vegetable Glycerin
3 tsp (divided) Crafter’s Choice Blackberry Magnolia Fragrance Oil
Black Powdered Colorant/Mica
Purple Powdered Colorant/Mica
Ghost silicone mold (Pictured is one purchased from Walmart)

Place your mold on a solid baking dish so you can move it easily. soap-mold

Take your melt and pour soap base and cut it up into chunks. Put the chunks in a double boiler to melt (or you can melt it in the microwave). Stir the base frequently as it’s melting.


Get three small bowls and put 1 Tbsp vegetable glycerin in each bowl. Add your black color to one bowl and purple color another other. Leave the last bowl without any colorant. Then add one tsp fragrance oil to each bowl. Stir each bowl well with a spoon until the color is smooth.


Divided melted soap between the three bowls and mix until the color is smooth.


Use the spoons to layer the three different colors on top of one another in the molds. Move fast because the soap cools quickly!


Once you have the molds filled, use a spoon to swirl the colors into each other very lightly. Expect the mold to get messy with all of this layering and mixing.

soap-mixing-spoon soap-in-molds

Leave on the counter or move into the refrigerator to harden.


Use like a regular soap bar and sniff it as much as you’d like 🙂

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