DIY Rocketman Bubble Bar and Mango Martian Lotion Bar

I woke up this morning to pouring rain outside. In December. It’s obnoxious really. I mean, December is having an identity crisis this year and keeps pretending to be September. And I’m over here like, “December, we love you all pasty white and snowy! Stop trying to be like September!” So anyways, I was a little bummed about the lack of Christmas cheer from Mother Nature. Which inspired me to turn the day around with some of my best-selling bath treats. Which would be my Rocketman Bubble Bar and Mango Martian Lotion Bar.

These are favorites for kid’s presents especially (not surprisingly). Soooo many parents don’t feel comfortable using store bought bubble bath because it irritates their little one’s skin. It’s also loosely connected with recurring UTI’s in little girls. And while I have no testing to back it up, I have had many customers reach out to me to let me know how happy they are to finally have a bubble bath product that doesn’t give their child these problems.

The lotion bar is equally magical. It’s made with hypoallergenic ingredients – beef tallow, shea butter and beeswax. Beef tallow is an incredible ingredient for lotion bars. It will soothe, heal and help restore your skin to incredible softness. You can render your own beef tallow from your meat for an even more sustainable approach.

And while tallow is a main ingredient in this recipe, I totally understand some people’s aversion to using animal products. In which case, I would recommend checking out my Beeswax Massage Bar recipe.

So to get started, get the Mango Martian Lotion Bar recipe here and the Rocketman Bubble Bar recipe here.

Step one – Get that mask on!! I don’t care if you left it out in the garage. Put. It. On. SLSa is a primary ingredient in the bubble bar recipe and it is extremely airborne. Don’t let it get in your lungs. Put on the mask.

First, we’re going to mix together all of our dry ingredients. The colorants used in this recipe are quite beautiful all sprinkled out together in your dry ingredients. Get the exact amounts for all of your dry ingredients by downloading the recipe above.

To properly mix your bubble bars you’ll want to use an electric mixer. Bonus points for using a stand-up mixer (it is so much easier than a handheld). Bubble bar makers seem to be in two separate camps on the best attachment to use for this. There’s Team Dough Hook and Team Paddle Attachment. Currently, I’m on Team Use-Whatever-The-Fudge-You-Want because they both work fine. I default to my paddle attachment because I got this fancy pancy one off of Amazon that scrapes the edges of the bowl for me.

When you start mixing your dry ingredients together, cover your mixer with a towel to prevent the SLSa from filling the air.

After your dry ingredients are fully combined, add your wet ingredients and mix until fully processed. Your mix should look like this:

Tip: The dough should be soft, squishy and pliable but it shouldn’t stick to your fingers. If it sticks to your fingers you added too much glycerin. You can correct this by adding additional baking soda, one tablespoon at a time, until the stickiness is gone. If the dough is not pliable and is cracking or stiff, you didn’t add enough glycerin. You can correct this by adding additional glycerin, one tablespoon at a time, until it becomes workable.

The mold we are using for this project is the Milky Way Space Ships Soap Mold. You’ll need four molds to fill these recipes.

Grab your molds, a craft brush and your Lilac Purple Cosmetic Glitter and dust all of the detailed parts of the mold. This just helps keep the dough from sticking to the mold in these small spaces. If you don’t dust them it’s easy for them to pop off as you are unmolding the bars.

Then grab globs of your dough and fill up the molds!

If you are making the Mango Martian Lotion Bars this is the time to start them. Start by melting and mixing together all of your ingredients except for the colorant and the fragrance. Neither the colorant or the fragrance should be at temperatures above 180 degrees Fahrenheit. The colorant can release fumes above that temperature and the fragrance will evaporate. So while you are melting everything – leave them both out. Once again, to get the ingredients list download the recipe above.

Once your ingredients are melted and mixed, pour a small amount in a separate bowl (about an ounce or two) and mix in your colorant really well. It’s much easier to get the colorant chunks smoothed out working in this small amount of mix rather than trying to blend it in your big batch. Don’t worry if it gets a little thick from cooling off, it will melt when you add it back to the big batch.

Once you’ve got it all mixed in your little bowl, add it back to your big batch and add your fragrance oil. Mix it all together well.

Next, pour it into the alien spaceship spots of the mold next to your Rocketman Bubble Bars. Let them sit in a cool place undisturbed for an hour and a half or so until the lotion bars have fully solidified.


Once the lotion bars are nice and hard, pop them out of the mold and put the bubble bars in the freezer for 30 minutes to an hour to get nice and hard to make it easier to unmold them. Watch this video to see how to take them out of the mold with ease:

Finally, we’re going to bedazzle the shiz out of these things by dusting them with more Lavender Purple Glitter.

You can package the two together for a fun, kids gift pack.

Or make them for yourself because kids aren’t the only ones that like bubble bath and sweet smelling lotion.

Can’t make it right now? Pin it for later!

Make Your Own DIY Rocketman Bubble Bar and Mango Martian Lotion Bar Recipes

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