DIY Lace Trimmed Night Gown

You know what, sometimes a girl is just in the mood to make herself something sexy and lacy! Oh and comfortable. Can’t forget about comfortable…

Which is why this girl decided it was time to make herself a lace trimmed nightie!

And being the monetarily conscious person that I am (can you hear my husband laughing uncontrollably in the background), I decided to mash up two of my favorite patterns instead of searching for a new one.

The Mashup

For this nightie, I mashed up two patterns by Patterns for Pirates, the Cross My Heart Cami and the Free Spirit Tank. The fabric I’m using is a very lightweight french terry. Mashing them up is pretty straight forward so let’s get to it.

The first thing we’re going to do is mark 4″ down from the Cross My Heart Cami pattern piece armscye.

Then, with the pattern piece on the fold per the pattern instructions, trace around the top of the pattern piece, stopping at your 4″ marker.

Next, you’re going to grab your Free Spirit Tank front or back piece and line up the bottom of the armscye on the pattern with the end point of your newly traced Cross My Heart Cami top.

Then go ahead and trace down from the armscyce to your preferred hem line.

Cut this out and repeat with the other side of the bodice.

Lace Trimmed Neckline

The lace I’m using in this tutorial is from Surge Fabric Shop. It is run by another hard-working, small business, female entrepreneur so I’m all about it.

I recommend getting some of her stretch lace for this project. Non-stretch lace will work beautifully for the hem but for the neckline, something with some stretch will work a little better.

Start by cutting your neckline binding according to the pattern. Then cut your lace trim to measure the same length as your neckline. Mark the middle of the neckline, the binding and the lace with a pin.

Next, you’re going to line up your neck binding center with your neckline center with the right side of the binding laying against the wrong side of your neckline. Pin them together at the center.

Next, pin the ends of the binding to match the ends of the neckline.

Then you’re going to flip it over and pin the center of your lace to the center of the neckline. The right side of the bodice will be against the wrong side of the lace.

Then go ahead and pin the ends to match up with the ends of the neckline (and more in between if you’d like to) then serge all three pieces together.

After serging, press the seam upwards and fold down your binding 1/4″ and press that as well.

Then fold the binding down over your seam, press and pin it in place.

Topstitch staying close to the edge so you catch the folded edge.

Then go ahead and finish the rest of the bodice by following the instructions for the Cross My Heart Cami, except DON’T FINISH YOUR HEM.

Lace Trimmed Hem

More lace! Next, we’re going to measure the bottom of the hem. Take that measurement and add 1″ to it to determine how long of a piece of lace you’re going to need.

Next, fold the lace in half so that the raw ends are together and pin them together with a piece of tissue paper underneath as stabilizer. This will prevent your lace from being eaten by a hungry sewing machine. Nom nom!

Sew them together with a 1/2″ seam allowance. Don’t forget to backstitch.

Then tear the tissue paper off and trim your seam allowance.

Lay your nightie down right side out and nest it inside of your lace trim. They need to be facing with the right sides together. The raw edge of your lace should be flush with the raw edge of your nightie. Pin them together at the edge.

Serge the two layers together then turn the entire garment inside out and press the seam up towards the nightie.

Turn the garment right side out again and topstitch around the hem over the folded under seam allowance.

Check out that hem!

Not able to make it today? Pin this image to save it for later!

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