Make This DIY Fringe Pocket Scarf For a Funky Functional Fashion Statement

Hi, I’m Jessica. And I like pockets. I put them everywhere. I put them on things that don’t even need pockets. I think I have a pillow with a pocket somewhere, but I don’t know what for. The point is, is that I believe in storage people! My dad always said you can never have too much storage. And while he was talking about my first home purchase, the sentiment rings true with everything else if you ask me.

So when I was getting ready to teach a mini sewing demonstration for my church I knew the project had to fulfill two criteriums. First, it had to be fall-ish. Second, it had to have pockets. And here we are…

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This scarf is warm, it’s fabulous and it has pockets. I don’t think I could be any happier. It’s the perfect accessory for a fall evening in the city where you just need a spot for your phone and debit card. Heck, throw in some chapstick and gum while you’re at it. This scarf has all of the storage you need for those little necessities when a purse just seems like overkill.

So let’s get to the fun part. Making one for yourself (or someone else – tis the season!)


You will need the following supplies for this project:

  • WOVEN FABRIC – 2 yards
  • MATCHING THREAD – Both upper and bobbin thread
  • SEWING MACHINE – With a straight stitch
  • IRON


Cut (2) 11”x 2 yards pieces of fabric.

Cut (2) 11.5” x 11” pieces of fabric for the pockets as illustrated.

Fold the short side of the pockets down 1/2” with the wrong sides together and press.

Fold them down once more, this time by 1” and press.

Turn them with the right side facing up and stitch the top hem down into place by sewing a straight stitch 3/4” down, making sure to catch the folded edge.

Using your sewing machine’s buttonhole feature, sew buttonholes at the top of your pockets making them vertically centered on the pocket, and horizontally centered between the top and the hemstitching.

Lay one long piece down with the right side facing up and a pocket piece on each end with the right side facing up and mark behind your buttonholes to locate where you will sew your button.

Sew the buttons into place.

Lay the long piece with buttons down with the right side facing up and a pocket piece on each end with the right side facing up, pin together.

Lay the second long piece over top with the right sides together and pin into place.

Sew 3/8” away from the edge with a straight stitch starting and stopping 3” away from the ends. Make sure you back stitch at both ends.

Flip right side out and stitch a straight stitch 3” away from the ends on both sides.

TIP: Mark a straight, parallel line on your fabric using a quilter’s ruler, 3” away from the edge prior to stitching, to use as a guide.

Sew a second row of straight stitches parallel to the first.

Pull out the threads perpendicular to the ends on all three layers on both sides to create a fringe. (This is gonna take a while. A perfectly brainless activity while you Netflix and chill)

And you’re finished!

Do you love it? Where else can we sew on some pockets?

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  2. Where’s this fabric from?? Love this so much! Thinking it’ll make a unique Xmas gift for my daughters teacher ❤️

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