The Tig Ol’ Bitty Bralette | DIY Bralette Tutorial

This darn bralette trend has me feelin all sorts of ways. I love them. They’re beautiful, adorable, sexy, fun. I hate them, I don’t fit, they don’t hold my boulders up. Why can’t us ladies with the big ol boobies have cute, fun, sexy bralettes too? Oh…yeah….WE CAN!!!! I’m going to show you how!

I have had enough after dealing with this since the age of 12. I was a D-cup in the 6th grade. I wasn’t done growing. Nursing and pregnancy has only added to my blessings. Most brands don’t even recognize my size. That’s okay. I’ll do this myself and it is going to be FABULOUS! Do it better yourself, right?! Let’s go!

Step One: Find a bra with similar coverage to what you are looking for. Don’t worry…no bras were harmed in the making of this tutorial!

Step Two: Find a fabric with moderate structure and 2-way stretch. Four-way might work, but will offer less support and if you are like me, your ladies might end up down by your belly button. I chose this vibrant green 2-way ponte.

Step Three: Fold the fabric so it has two layers and lay your bra over it, spreading it as much as you can without stretching it. Adding a 3/8 inch (ish…I totally eyeballed mine!) seam allowance, trace around your bra front stopping at the side seam. Cut this out…you should have two pieces…one front, one lining.

NOTE: if you want to do an overlay, lace or otherwise, you could cut two separate pieces. Just be careful to make sure they match up.

Step Four: While wearing your bra, measure yourself from the top of the side seam in the front to the opposite strap pick-up in the back. Subtract 1-2″ depending on the stretch of your fabric and cut four pieces in that length.

Step Five: Measure the side seam of your bra (mine is 4.5 inches). Now measure around your body from side-seam to side-seam. You are cutting the back piece of your barrette, so you want the middle back to be a bit narrower than the side seam. I chose for my middle back to be an inch, so my cut length for the middle is 2 inches including half inches seam allowances. I measured a two inch cut on the fold, then measured half the side-side distance out and cut the 4.5 inch side measurement. Then, cut a diagonal line connecting the two cuts. Your piece will look taller at the ends and narrower in the middle when opened up.

Step Six: TIME TO SEW! We are first going to sew the lining, then the outside. First, sew the strap to the front, right sides facing. Then, repeat on the other side.

Step Seven: Sew the side seams.

Step Eight: Place the lining inside of the outer bra, right sides facing and sew from the side seams to the top of the straps as well as the neckline to the top of the straps. DO NOT SEW THE BACK YET!

Step Nine: Turn bra right side out. You can iron or not iron flat at this point. It’s really up to you.

Step Ten: measure the space between your bra straps in the back and use that measurement as a guide for barrette strap placement. Take the right strap and place inside the left back based on your measurements. Repeat for the left strap and right back.

Step Eleven: Turn back of barrette inside out to expose seams. sew along the back, catching the straps as you go. If you are serging, make sure to not cut too much of the strap off with your blade.

Take a deep breath! You’re killing this! You’re almost done too! Wooohooo!

Step Eleven: Measure around your underbust and cut a band of 85% of that measurement. The band should be 3-4 inches wide based on your preference and boob amount. I prefer a thicker band because they offer more support.

Step Twelve: Sew the ends of the bands together with the band folded right sides together. Fold the band in half and pin it to the bottom of the bra with raw edges pointing the same direction. Sew.

Hey Hey Hey! You’re DONE and can now look cute AND supported!!! You made yourself an uber cute AND supportive bralette! Now have fun with it! Add lace, trims, overlays, etc.

I hope you enjoy this tutorial and can’t wait to see y’all post what you make! <3

Love your body!

This article was originally published at On Wednesdays We Sew by Kelly Stevens

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  1. Lorraine hegedus

    You had me at do it yourself but i cant take the weight oF the girls on my neck like that with the criss cRoss straps. Do you think it would have the same support with shoulder straps?

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