DIY Beauty on the Beach Bath Bomb Recipe

One night I was laying in bed thinking about bath bombs. Because that’s what my happy dreams are made of (well bath bombs and fabric). And I was like

“Hey! What if I make a beach themed bath bomb with a cute little seashell bath melt on the top and make it look like it’s nestled in the sand?!”

So I fell asleep peacefully dreaming away about my soon-to-be-created beach bath bomb. I woke up the next morning and what did I do? I went to Michaels to find a seashell mold. And bam! The Beauty On The Beach was born.

Aren’t they just beautiful? Gosh, I wish you were here to smell them! I just made a batch for this blog post, and now my whole house smell amazing! And not to brag or anything, but everyone else loves these bath bombs too. Check out this YouTube review a customer did on it when Lavish Bath Box featured it in May of this year.

So, long story short – you want to know how to make these. Because everyone will love you when you make them for them. Period. So let’s get to it. Start by getting the ingredients list in my downloadable recipe.

Get the Recipe Here

So step one is to make your seashell bath melts. I got these mini seashell molds at Michaels craft store. I have also seen them at Hobby Lobby so before you go crazy, stop by your local craft store because it seems to be a standard mold.

To make the bath melts all you have to do is melt the cocoa butter, pour it into the molds and stick it in the fridge until you are ready to make your bath bombs.

Next, we need to make our embeds. These are the colorants I use for the embeds. For these bath bombs, you’ll be making two small blue and two large green half-moon embeds for each. Once again, download the bath bomb recipe above to see how much you need to add to each of your embed mixes.


Watch the video here to see how to make the embeds for this recipe if you are unfamiliar with embeds and how to mold them:

Now that we have the bath melt and the embeds ready, it’s time to make our bath bombs! Make the bath bomb mix using the Beauty On The Beach bath bomb recipe. Sift all dry ingredients and mix them together thoroughly. Then combine all wet ingredients and slowly add them to your dry ingredients and mix with an electric mixer. You’ll know the batch is the perfect consistency when it looks like wet sand. Observe me grabbing a handful and you’ll know what I mean:

Once your batch is mixed, you’ll be dividing it into three batches and three different colors. Get the measurements for each batch in the recipe download.

Then grab you 2.4″ bath bomb sphere molds, set out all three batches, your bath melts, embeds and a tray with parchment paper and get assembling! Watch the video to see how to do it:

Can’t make them now? Pin it for later!

Make your own luxurious Beauty On The Beach bath bomb! Recipe includes bath melt and color embed tutorials.

37 thoughts on “DIY Beauty on the Beach Bath Bomb Recipe”

      1. Shelly Jebens

        I purchased the recipe today and I’m super excited to get started. Will it be emailed to me? or sent via postal mail. I need it ASAP. Thanks!

        1. Hi Shelly! You will get a download link in your email, or you can just login here on the website, go to your account and click on downloads and you’ll see it there 🙂

  1. Thank you soooooo much for sharing this!!! What a great Holiday gift! I can’t wait to make these. We are beach bum wanna be’s here in ohio as we sit looking out at our first snow……4 inches and counting!!

    1. LOL! We don’t have much beach here in Utah either. Enjoy the snow! You’d think it was April with how much rain we’re getting around here

  2. Hi. I would love to buy your recipe but it keeps telling me there are no payment methods for my state. Please Help

  3. Hi Jessica! I’m trying to buy your recipe and for some reason it’s not taking me to paypal! Oh no! I must have your recipe! Gorgeous, gorgeous and gorgeous! Thank you in advance for sharing and making helpful videos!

  4. This is the most original bath bomb recipe I’ve ever tried. Love it! The recipe is simple and very easy to follow. Thanks for sharing. Love your creative ideas and products.

  5. hi there i just cant wait to make these i need a few things for them ever i dont really understand the bath bomb mixture dividing into thirds.could you explain it more you have in brackets.(orange bomb colorant) not sure what im suppossed to do with it where to add can u possibly break it down.and iv’e never heard of 1/8 of a cup, thanks in advance for your help 🙂

  6. HI! Thank you for your amazing recipes and tutorials! I’ve bought this one and the pink cloud and getting the new galaxy one today! I have a quick question about getting the bombs to float, I used this recipe but made it a 3 oz size without any embeds but they sank.. I used one 24 hours after making it. Do you think it was from using it too soon? Or could it be that it was packed too tight? I also pack mine tight because in the past I’ve had them crumble if packed too loose. Have you had experience with any not floating, and if so do you know what the cause was? also what type of aloe do you use? I’ve seen liquid and gel but both have other ingredients in them.

    Thanks so much for your time!

    1. Hi Joanne! This is the aloe vera liquid I use. As far as the sinking issue goes, the aloe can make it easy to over pack the bombs because of how it acts like a glue to the dry ingredients. If getting your bombs to float is a priority to you, start by trying to just omit the aloe vera 🙂

  7. i loved the look and smell of this bomb! My husband even said it smelled good enough for him to bathe in! Unfortunately, this dried my skin out:( im wondering if it couldbe the poly or the SLSA causing this?

    1. It’s very rare, but SLSa can cause skin irritation/dryness in some people. Try substituting it for powdered milk and see if that helps 🙂

  8. Patricia Covington

    How do I contact someone? I am trying to order the beauty on the Beach bath bomb recipe, but your site will not allow me to Pay via Paypal. What do i do? Thanks for your response

    1. Hey Patricia! I’ve had some orders come in tonight so I don’t think there should be any bugs on my end (possibly PayPal’s?) If you wouldn’t mind heading over to and messaging me from my business page with a screenshot of what you’re seeing I can try to help you from there 🙂

  9. I bought the recipe and made mine tonight and I have a few questions ?, are the metal molds better than the plastic, I used plastic and I couldn’t get me cocoa butter shapes to look right in the center. My wet sand mixture kept drying out what is good to rewet the mixture with without causing too much activation and where did you get your colors from to color the bath bombs. I used liquid soap coloring and it came out night but they are two tone not three lol, it’s harder than I thought. My husband said you make it look easy lol.

    1. Hi there Bridget! Yes, the metal molds are much easier to work with than the plastic ones. If your mix dries out, use a spray bottle filled with alcohol to give it a little spritz back to life. The names of all of the colorants are labeled in the recipe! Please let me know if there’s anything else I can do to help <3

  10. MaryEllen Flick

    Hi Jessica,
    I ran across your beautiful “Beauty on the Beach” bathbomb recipe and wanted to make them now but i only have Shea butter on hand to make the shell/starfish embeds. Could I use shea butter instead cocoa butter? Thanks for your help! They look beautiful 🙂

  11. Hi and thanks for sharing your amazing creation with us.
    I can’t find the latte mica anywhere. Is there somewhere special you buy it? I attempted to make it by mixing colors and ruined the batch:( Or is there a substitute color that will work. Mine ended up looking like dirt.
    Thanks again!

  12. Kayla Marie Bush

    Sorry in advance for the stupid question… I see people commenting on purchasing the recipe but there’s a link that brings me right to it. Am I missing something that I’m supposed to be purchasing or is there a different recipe? Or am I just complete confused?

  13. found your recipe for beauty on the beach bath bomb, love it thanks for sharing.
    I thought since we are in Quarantine I thought I well give this a try. My question is how
    did you get the top of your bath bomb not so round? Did you cut it off and then put your
    shell inside.

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