Cricut SportFlex™ is Everything I Hoped For and More

Alrighty, time to get real folks. I have three kids. Which means I’ve put on a few pounds over the years. To be perfectly honest, I don’t mind a few extra pounds, it’s the chronic back pain thing that’s kicking my butt these days.

Which is why I was super stoked when Cricut announced their newest campaign to promote the SportFlex Iron-On! Because momma just bought a corny new workout plan and nothing gets me in the mood to workout like some custom athletic gear.

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This is a sponsored post by Cricut but I’m allowed to say whatever the heck I want. So you can take my opinions to the bank. Speaking of the bank, I have some affiliate links in this post. Which means I get a small commission for any Cricut purchases you make from my links. So if you’re gonna grab some Cricut anyway, I’d super appreciate you supporting the DIBY Club by shopping through these links!

When I was trying to decide what to make for this post I was given a few parameters — Cricut wanted to showcase how awesome the product is on polyester athletic wear (and now that I’ve seen it in action I totally know why). So I decided to have a little fun with it and express my inner struggle with my current fitness journey.


First, an overview of the supplies. I obviously used my Cricut Maker because I love no digital die cutter better.

Watching this baby cut out vinyl satisfies me in ways that few people could ever understand…

Next, I grabbed my EasyPress to apply the vinyl (if you haven’t been introduced to the EasyPress, check out Kelly’s introduction post here).

And finally, I snagged my vinyl.

So let’s talk SportFlex Iron-On.

What It’s All About

The SportFlex Iron-On is Cricut’s new iron-on vinyl made specifically for tech fabrics, such as Nylon and Polyester. It is perrrrfect for athletic wear because it stretches with the fabric and is made with Cricut StrongBond™ adhesive. This means it’s going to stay put even after many, many washes from sweating in your gear day after day.

What I Love About It

There is a lot to love about this new vinyl. And in case anyone is wondering, I’m not a vinyl virgin. I’ve been around the vinyl block if you know what I mean… Don’t tell my husband.

Specifically, I really liked:

  • How lightweight it is – With most athletic tops being very drapey, lightweight and breathable, it was really important to me that the vinyl didn’t weight them down. It is fabulously lightweight and doesn’t stiffen up the shirt when applied.
  • How stretchy it is – Guys, this stuff is so freakishly stretchy. I felt like I was taking a risk applying it to my leggings because it’s like packing sausage getting my legs into my workout leggings. When I was putting them on I had a worried wince on my face anticipating the inevitable cracking or popping of the vinyl. But alas the crack never came and the vinyl looks good as new after taking them off at the end of the day.
  • How strong the StrongBond™ is – This vinyl isn’t going anywhere. It’s not just a trendy way to brand vinyl adhesive, the bond is genuinely strong with this one.
  • The shine on the metallic colors – Metallic colored vinyl can be hit and miss for me. Too much shine and it’s hard too read. Too little and it looks tacky. The shine on this silver was perfectly reflective.


Things You Should Know

Like with any other product, there are a few things I learned as I was using the SportFlex Iron-On.

  1. Watch out for bulky seams – Pressing the SportFlex Iron-On on my top was easy. Getting it to adhere to my leggings was a different matter. A lot of sports clothing is made with bulkier flat locked seams since the garment is being stretched to the max. Since the seams on my leggings were so bulky, it was tricky to get the EasyPress to reach the actual vinyl. It took a bit of finagling but I got it in the end.
  2. Use a higher heat setting – According to the Cricut EasyPress recommended settings, pressing the SportFlex Iron-On onto polyester required a temperature of 305F. For my first application I set my EasyPress to 305F and for my second I used 325F. It adhered much, much easier with the 325F setting.
  3. Warm peel it – This is listed in the recommended settings but I feel like it should be repeated. It peels much easier when you’re peeling it off warm.

The Donut Athletic Wear

So now back to my project. If you haven’t been able to tell by now, I’m fully dedicated to looking good while I workout but mostly dedicated to eating sugary things. Back when I had two kids working out was a staple in my life and I found it extremely therapeutic. Since having my littlest boy, it’s been difficult to make it a priority again. And now I’m in the stinky part of getting back into it (the sore phase I like to call it).

And as I’ve talked about in my Facebook Monday Motivations, your attitude can always be bridled by how you control your physical state. So I figured, why not put something funny on my workout clothes. Get me smiling as I’m getting ready to workout.

So the Donut Athletic Wear is what I came up with.

Not only does it get me in a good mood when it’s time to exercise, but it gave me a reason to pick up a dozen donuts and make my kids laugh as I posed with them for my pictures.

Live Demo Anybody?

I enjoyed working with this material so much that I decided to do a live demonstration with it! You can watch all of my shenanigans as I show off the SportFlex Iron-On and the new EasyPress mat in the Facebook video below 🙂

Want to make your own? Access the Design Space project for the “I Donut Like to Exercise” shirt here and the “I Was Told There’d be Donuts” leggings here.

Did you enjoy my project and want to pick up some of the awesome for yourself? Sweet! Shop from my affiliate links –> Choose from a variety of SportFlex™ Iron-On here. Pick up the EasyPress for the best application here. And if you’re in the market for the best digital cutting machine, you should absolutely check out the Cricut Maker here.

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Cricut. The opinions and text are all mine.

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2 thoughts on “Cricut SportFlex™ is Everything I Hoped For and More”

  1. This post is giving me life! I love how you incorporated the donuts in your yoga shots! I was surprised at how well the SportFlex did on the leggings too, for the same “squeezing my legs into the tight leggings” reason you said. It didn’t crack at all! I seriously may steal that legging design!

  2. I’ve watched a few videos about this type of vinyl, seems pretty cool. I wonder how durable it is after some washes???

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