Turn a Garage Sale Crib Into Shabby Chic Farmhouse Décor

Check out Hali Spencer’s cheap and easy trick for turning garage sale finds into shabby chic farmhouse décor!

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Hi! Hali Spencer here. I wanted to give you all a few décor hacks. I get asked a lot about my home décor and so if you know me, I only buy things on a budget. I wanted to share some of my hacks with you.

If you find this video great, please share it. Comment below, let me know you’re watching. If you have any questions for me specifically about farmhouse, cottage, modern cottage-type décor, I’d be glad to answer anything for you.

But I wanted to show y’all a really quick hack. You can get a magnolia wreath at Hobby Lobby if you have one near you, for like $28. I think they’re $39.99, but you can use their 40% off coupon (you can print their coupons from here), so it comes to like $28 bucks for a magnolia wreath.

I have this tied on here with just burlap ribbon. But this is a old, genuine crib. You can find these on Craigslist or the marketplace, Buy/Sale/Trade groups. You can buy the whole crib, because typically, they aren’t put together anymore, for anywhere from $20 to probably $50. I think I gave $30 for this one.

But it comes with a full crib, so I can use this for multiple pieces and I love that they are really big, so I like to fill a lot of space.

You can’t really tell from the video, but it is really, really large. For this particular one, I  have two of these, and I am actually going to stack one here and then hang the wreath from the bottom part. I’m going to hang it from down here and I’ll stack this one underneath it. It’s very big, I have big walls. I have like, 20 foot – I don’t even know – I have two-story open walls in my living room, so that’s where I’m going to stack it.

Super easy. And the greatest thing about buying stuff that has multiple pieces … This crib obviously came with the sides. A couple of things you could do for the sides: you can use this a blanket ladder, those are super popular right now.

So you hang your cozy blankets on it. Of course, you can get your farmhouse ones. And just so you guys know, you don’t have to always get blankets. This, which I keep on my bench, is like feed sack. It was actually a tablecloth. It’s super super soft, but we use it as a blanket in our house.

It was a tablecloth. It as like $12 at like, TJ Maxx or something. So if I showed you how you would hang it, you would take and then you lean it up against the wall. You don’t have to do anything with it, but you would grab a couple different blankets. You’d do one here, and maybe here, and just two or three cute blanket racks. That goes with the crib. Super easy.

I love wreaths. Matthew is sick of my wreaths, but I would have them, seriously, in every room. Another great option and I will do this as well, don’t know if you guys can see, but this is just an old window. I took the glass out of my old windows, because I have kids, and I don’t want anything to be broken in my house.

It’s just an old window, and I do the same exact thing, which is take the wreath that goes on the crib. And instead tie it on the window. Instant.

So again, the wreath was probably, like I said $28 and then I probably paid $15 for the window, maybe $20. I don’t really remember. I buy them off of Craigslist or Buy/Sale/Trade sites or something like that.

But my favorite thing right now is just the crib because it comes with so many pieces, and it takes up a lot of wall space. Decor’s really, really expensive. And so I like things that are big that take up a lot of wall space.

I hope y’all got something out of that. If you have any questions, you can … sorry, my lighting is not good in here. You can comment below.

But yeah, so there’s a couple hacks. If y’all are interested, I can do a demo on how to do a ship lap wall. They’re super easy, super affordable, and they make a room look clean, crisp, and that farmhouse feel. Does anyone have any questions maybe? Those are a couple good tips.

Okay. Well, I’m going to go. Everyone have a good Monday and I’ll talk to y’all later. Bye.

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